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Womens Lace Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2013

Womens Lace Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2013

Throughout the centuries lace clothing has gone through a number of interesting transformations. In its early days during the 17th and early 18th centuries, it lavishly decorated everything from everyday clothing to accessories and even military costumes. For those people who were fortunate enough to be able to afford its high cost were able to wear it proudly as everyday attire; while those who couldn afford it, deemed it a luxury fabric. Then by the mid 18th century the middle class and less fortunate were able to eventually afford less expensive versions and imitations. As a result, this eventually brought about the various qualities of lace and its fashion trends of today. During this spring and summer 2013 women fashion season lace has once again made a stylish transformation into wearer friendly cuts and designs.

The secret to always looking fabulous while wearing lace is to create a stylish balance. This season trends look neither conservative nor flirty. Instead the latest looks in lace are a seamless combination of both modest simplicity and alluring feminine charm. This doesn mean that the quiet elegance of the fabric has been preserved in any way, shape, or form. Au contraire; in fact it quite the opposite. Along with basic bright colors that are sure to add pop to the standard soft and dusty hues. Even the staunchest women of the Royal Family would appreciate the intricate patterns, unconventional colors and interesting layered details.

Feminine underlay designs and pretty sheer inserts also help to beautifully showcase bold and exciting new looks. However it essential that only high quality fabrics are worn, in order to exude a bold, yet feminine charm. This is particularly important; especially since there are less expensive and cheaper quality fabrics readily available. To help preserve a chic and sophisticated style, it also wise to pay special attention to the type of footwear that is to be worn. For instance, in order to best highlight a vibrant color with intricate lace accents, it best to wear shoes that are the same color as the lace garment, or hues from the same color family. Metallic and nude colors are also appropriate choices, and will fashionably complement a chic and lady like appearance. To beautifully top off a look, the

Although lace was once considered to be a sign of great wealth and high society status, the creation and availability of different quality fabrics eventually allowed people of every standing to be able to enjoy its luxurious and decorative look. This 2013 ladies spring and summer fashion season lace garments will be in high demand: as pretty hues and feminine designs will create beautiful and timeless pieces for every personality and style.


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