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Who is your fashion icon

Who is your fashion icon

I award the title of fashion Icon to a designer, not a celebrity because designers truely understand fashion inside and out down to the smallest detail.I feel that Coco Chanel was indeed a true fashion Icon of all time. She changed the course of fashion history for women. Chanel clothing and handbags were made with extra details in construction which set them apart from other designers.My choice for a designer today would be Ellie Saab. Her eveningwear is just beautiful. Many of the dresses that have been worn by celebrities to awards ceremonies that seem to stand out as stunning to me have been designed by Ellie Saab.I have word 2003, (XP) the desktop icon I have somehow is a document that I saved. i right clicked mouse over it and was offered. I have a fashion magazine but I only have one edition out. I working on the next editions but would like some input. It a fashion/lifestyle.

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