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Where to Get a Tattoo

Where to Get a Tattoo

Tattoos can be a great way to express creativity, remember an important person, place, event, or thing in your life, or, as some people use them, advertise yourself to others (no judgment, but c’mon.). So, after being tattooed several times myself, I thought it might be helpful to give you all a few pointers on ideas for where to put your next tattoo, what spots hurt, what spots don’t, and what spots can be hidden easily.

Feet: Probably one of the most painful sites, but tattoos on your feet can be beautiful. I got a rather large tattoo on my foot about two years ago. When I went in and told the artist where I wanted it, the artist showed me her foot. She had a faint line about a third of an inch long on her foot. “It hurt too much, ” she said, “I couldn’t get it finished if that tells you anything.” She was sleeved, tattooed everywhere from top to bottom. I went through with it, because I got wings on the top of my foot the day after my best friend died, and it was too important (and I’m too stubborn) to not go through with it. I didn’t cry, but I never do in the tattoo chair. It was still the most painful tattoo I’ve had. I don’t think I breathed the entire time, and my friend that went with me said I was making painful sex faces the entire time I was getting it done. Foot tattoos are great for smaller designs, things you want to memorialize (because you yourself can see it and remember, as opposed to back tattoos that you can’t personally see easily), and of course can be easily hidden. or make the perfect pair of heels even sexier. 🙂 To other tattooed people, it says you’re slightly more creative or hardcore than a simple arm or back tattoo.

Lower back: This could be painful for someone who hasn’t ever had a tattoo and doesn’t know exactly what it feels like to have a needle dig into your skin, but it’s not unbearable. My lower back was my first tattoo also, and it was amazingly painful just because I didn’t know what to expect. However, you get used to the pain after the first few strokes, and it can be sat through. Mine is rather large and only hurt towards the bottom of the tattoo, which ends VERY low, on the base of my spinal chord, so when the needle hit that spot, all the nerves in my body went crazy for a couple of minutes. The higher up you go on the back, the less it hurts. The spot is kind of cliche to other tattooed people (I don’t mean people who have one tattoo, I mean people who LOVE tattoos and are almost or slightly covered in ink). They can be covered up, but not if you wear low riding jeans. You’ll CONSTANTLY have people ask to see it. Decide if you really want all that attention, because it’s slightly annoying in bars, and men think you’re an easy target (I say this from experience).

Shoulder blades (upper back): This one barely hurt at all, and can be easily covered. The only drawback is that it’s hard to take care of. You know that itch you get that you can’t quite reach? Imagine an itching, peeling, healing tattoo there. I’m just saying.

Back of the neck: I didn’t even know that the artist had already started tattooing me when I got this one. Mine is script and only took 15 minutes to do, but I can’t even rate the pain on a scale of 1 10. It was nonexistent. These can be covered up, but show enough in t shirts, halter tops, or low neck lines to be very cute (or sexy, for you men).

Front pelvis area: Okay, this pain was CLOSE to the pain of my foot. The skin is soft and moves easily, which can make it harder on the artist to get ink in well, which means having a heavier hand or going over some spots twice, and if you’re new to getting tattoos, it’s not going to be fun if yours has any color or is very large. I like the fact that it can be hidden, but be sexy in a pair of low slung jeans or a shorter top. I love mine, but it’s not a good place for first timers. Of course, I have a friend that had only done one tattoo before, and needed a practice canvas. I chose this place of ALL places, and he hadn’t gotten the hang of having a light hand, and had to go over spots several times, and he was using a 3 point needle (3 tiny needles grouped together) for the entire thing, color included, because he didn’t have a bigger needle. I didn’t mind, I have a high tolerance for pain, he’s been my best friend for 10 years, and it wasn’t that bad. But it’s not the best experience for virgin tattooees.

Sleeves: I LOVE sleeves, but I’m a big fan of ink. I designed my entire sleeve, and when it’s finished, it’s going to be a work of art and something I’m proud of, but REALLY THINK before getting a sleeve. As mentioned before, I’m also VERY stubborn and no one could convince me not to get it done after I decided that I wanted it. But sleeves are huge investments, take a LOT of ink time, and can be expensive. They can’t be covered all the time unless you live in a very cold environment, and even then, depending on how long on your wrist it goes, they can peek out from time to time. You kind of have to plan outfits around sleeves, whether you’re going to work or to a black tie event in a sleeveless ball gown.

Any other questions about tattoo placements or ideas? Leave me a comment!

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