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What to Know Before Getting a Tattoo Done

What to Know Before Getting a Tattoo Done

Does Getting a Tattoo HurtDoes getting a tattoo hurt and how bad is one of the most commonly pondered questions when your debating whether or not to get a tattoo. There are many factors to consider prior to getting a tattoo. For one, you want to make sure you are really ready. What I mean by this is sometimes when it comes to getting a tattoo it’s because of peer pressure, or someone trying to push the issue when you really aren’t for sure how you feel about it. Do not get a tattoo if that is the case. Only get a tattoo if it’s something you absolutely want ! Yes, getting a tattoo hurts. Some areas of the body hurt more than others, so take that into consideration on where you would like to get a tattoo. The other thing you need to be aware of is that a tattoo takes 2 3 weeks to fully heal.


Biggest Tattoo RegretThe biggest regret people have is getting the name of a partner, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend tattooed on themselves. We all think that love will last forever and you want to signify that with a tattoo, but honestly you’re better off getting a heart or something you both choose together. If the relationship doesn’t work out, then you have a tattoo that isn’t his/her name somewhere on your body. It cost several time the amount to get a tattoo removed than it does to get one put on.

Healing of a TattooIt’s a lot fun getting your first tattoo, but what you’re not aware of is how a tattoo actually heals. First of all, be prepared for 2 3 weeks of healing time. Secondly, the healing of a tattoo is painful in and of itself. If you’re not prepared for that, it can take you by surprise. The first day after getting a tattoo, you won’t feel much discomfort. When you wake up the following day and move, you will feel it. You’ll have formed a scab over your tattoo at that point and it will feel like someone is pulling around your tattoo. This is surprisingly painful. The scab will totally cover your tattoo. Whenever you move you will feel the pulling of your tattoo.

What to Put on a New TattooNow that your tattoo is starting to heal, you are probably wondering what to put on it. You may have been told to use A Ointment. I recommend only using A Ointment once a day. What you want to use the rest of the day, every few hours is unscented lotion. This will absorb right into and around your tattoo and skin. A Ointment will act as a barrier on the skin and won’t allow air to get to it to be able to heal properly. Even when you do use it, put it on very thin.

Do NOT scratch your new tattoo ! It will itch like crazy as it is healing, but whatever you do don’t scratch it. This will pull the ink out of your tattoo. If you have to do anything, hit it a couple times (it really helps,) but do not scratch it or you’ll ruin your tattoo.

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The Time of Year to Get a TattooYou can get a tattoo anytime of the year, but something that people don’t know about, especially if this is your first tattoo is that you cannot get a new tattoo wet. You can shower, but that is the extent of it. You cannot submerge your tattoo in water, so no pools, lakes, or oceans while your tattoo is healing. A lot of people get a new tattoo while on vacation or in warmer months and don’t realize they can’t go in the water afterwards. If you do, your scab will get soft and cause your tattoo to not heal properly. You’ll also be susceptible to bacteria and germs.

Hey thanks for all the tattoo tips! I’ve been planning on getting one for a couple years now. and you have some good advice on here. It’s tough to decide on the right one, so taking your time is wise.

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