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What to Do If You Don’t Like Your Tattoo Video

What to Do If You Don’t Like Your Tattoo Video

Transcript:What to Do If You Don’t Like Your TattooMy name is Matt Fontana, I work for Broken Famous Tattoo Studios in Staten Island, New York, and I been tattooing for about twenty years

Coverups and Removal for Bad TattoosCoverups, I done in twenty years at least one a week on average. Certain tattoos are are easy to cover up. If you have a tattoo with a lot of black lines in it, it is very difficult to cover up because no tattoo colors other than black will cover black. They have laser removal, which can remove most of the colors but not all of the colors, and it very painful, so depending on how badly you want to tattoo removed, I would suggest laser removal because it is permanent and it is the best thing we have to date. But with coverups, you have to be very careful of who you go to for coverups. There is a tendency for an artist to make a huge tattoo with a lot of black in it and it ends up being a worse mess than what you wanted to cover up.

Wait Two Months for a Coverup TattooI would say two months is about the minimum time for a coverup. You have to make sure that the tattoo is completely healed, because what happens is blood is still rushing to heal the tattoo up until about two months, so if you try to put color over the previous tattoo, the blood is rushing there to heal it, so the color you putting in is going to bleed right out. Speaking from the artist point of view, I like to involve the customer as much as possible, so you try to involve thecustomer by asking “What would you like? How would you like to see it done? What are some of your ideas?” You know, tattoos, people get them for different reasons, so each customer is like starting a career all over again, because everybody is different and everyone has different tastes.

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