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Wedding Band Tattoo

Wedding Band Tattoo

Needles cause pain. But you have given birth, so you have perspective on what real pain is. My brother and his wife did this. It is really beautiful! Not for everyone, but certainly a beautiful sentiment for some. The tattoos I have are dedicated to the one that bought and paid for me. Again, I realize this isn’t for everyone, but I enjoy the conversations that come up when someone asks about my ink. Ouch! But so beautiful!

As I see it: even if something were to happen an dh and I were no longer together. I will never be able to “get rid” of him. We have two children and 8yrs (so far) with each other. I guess it would be a fitting “punishment” (hahaha) for doing whatever we did (or didn’t do) that caused us to separate. We have been knitted for eternity together and even a “divorce” could not pull us apart. I have been wanting one too, but we are waiting until we have more spending money and until we can go a week w/o one of us trying to sabotage the relationship. Haha: )

I have really wanted to do this for a while as well! DH and I both said basically the same thing as Clarissa there should be a permenate symbol of our marriage! (sorry, just don’t have the words to make it eloquent right now, but she did a good job)

But, PS, it is pretty addicting. Mostly because once you know how it feels, you aren’t scared of the pain anymore. Although it’s not like you’ll go get 100 in a year! They are expensive. Just make sure if you get the Hebrew (or any other language) you research it REALLY well. My DH has one in greek and one in hebrew and our tattoo guy made him bring back references to make sure they said what he wanted them to say he didn’t want to put “I love fried chicken” on his arm in another language!

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