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Vancouver sisters aim for Fashion with a Purpose

Vancouver sisters aim for Fashion with a Purpose

It didn’t take Vancouver sisters Ashley and Jessica Weaver long to figure out their future.

After graduating fashion school in 2007, the pair opened the doors of Weaver Distribution with one mission in mind: showcasing with a Purpose. have to love what you sell and we definitely do,” the sisters said in a recent interview about their operational outlook.

We own the rights to international brands in Canada and sell to over 800 independent boutiques nationwide. With a few lucky breaks we have found our passion giving back to communities doing what we love. We call it Fashion with a Purpose.

Your company seems to work with a roster of different brands. How do you pick the ones you get involved with?

We are approached all the time by different companies.

What we try to do is pick brands that fit into who we are, and what we love. We try to think from the perspective of our valued clients friends. Would they love to receive our brands as a gift? If the answer is yes, we know we are onto a good thing.

How did you get together with the brand Good Work(s)?

We were approached by Good Work(s) in 2009 to become the exclusive Canadian team. That day was one of the best days of our professional careers. It is such an amazing brand and together, we have all been able to support and fund a variety of different causes. It is because of our bracelet sales that we are able to help people who really need it. Good Work(s) isn’t just a brand it’s a movement. And it’s something we are very proud of.

Which local charities do the sales of these bracelets support?

We give 25 percent of profits back to charities in Canada and internationally.

Dreams Take Flight an Air Canada charity taking 125 social, mental or physically challenged children to Disneyland for ONE day.

Rally For Kids (an event in Toronto benefiting Childhood Cancer)

Variety The Children’s Charity

Where can people buy the bracelets in Vancouver and what’s the price point?

Bracelets range in price from $30 60. A few locations to check out are Blue Ruby, Za Zou North Vancouver and Suki’s on Granville.

We believe that “Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something” by purchasing products that ultimately give back it’s a win win situation for everyone. You are helping someone who may not have the luxury of going out to purchase a $30 bracelet.

Some say wear your heart on your sleeve we say wear it on your wrist!

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