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using secret law enforcement agents on US soil

He said: “It can beat small ships and unmanned aerial vehicles,GW2 Gold seafarers only need one operation, and also can be used as a telescope.”
Pentagon online video display, this laser system can hit fast moving targets.
Tibia Gold said he plans to release this fall a roadmap, planning directed energy development direction of the Navy and Marine Corps. He noted that the naval capabilities being greatly help the study of this new system.
He said: “Our ship is large enough to accommodate a large heavy weapon systems, our gas turbines and nuclear reactors could provide these arms to make the necessary effective power.”
Ma Bosi also expressed his respect to the United States in the development and deployment of new technologies lags behind other countries of concern.
However, Ma Bosi said he was optimistic that all the challenges can get response.
He said: “The military and non-military personnel in more than two centuries to carry out cooperation in many examples and test, we took seemingly impossible idea, and they become a reality, especially in how we get. and use of energy. ”
According to the US Cable News Network on August 20 reported that US officials accused 19 said it showed China indifferent to US law. Officials said there may be Chinese law enforcement agents activity in the United States, but the United States does not understand, this is not surprising.
According to the US authorities revealed that Chinese agents a tourist and business visa to enter the United States, did not report to the US authorities as required by law. US officials claim that in the case of the US authorities did not inform law enforcement officials sent to the United States, it is a crime.
US diplomats had warned China to stop using secret law enforcement agents on US soil. CNN has reported that these agents forced Chinese citizens to return to stand trial – usually allegations of corruption, US officials confirmed the reports. They said that these agents have been successfully stress several Chinese citizens returned to China from the United States.
China 17, said they did not violate the legal cooperation treaty was signed between the United States, the Chinese government is only to carry out anti-corruption work in accordance with “Foxfire 2015” plan.
Reported that the Chinese state news agency Xinhua News Agency through,Tera Gold said:. “China’s action is legal, it has been approved by the bilateral agreement reached earlier this year, the ‘Foxfire 2015’ against the government and state-owned enterprises corrupt officials, China is an important measure of anti-corruption work. ”

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