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Upper Arm Tattoos

Upper Arm Tattoos

With the booming popularity of tattooing, people are looking forward for unique tattoo designs and placements. Tattoos are considered as style statements and their popularity is growing day by day. Many of the tattoo designs have certain meanings and a history behind them. And hence they make some of the best non verbal communication means, where the tattoo bearer tries to reveal his personality and characteristics with the help of the tattoo design carved on his/her body. Upper arm tattoos are the in thing since quite some time now and the upper arm is where most tattoo lovers get their first tattoos done.

The tattoo placement plays a significant role in tattooing. A wrong tattoo placement may not do complete justice to the tattoo design. Thus, one has to be very careful while making the choice of the tattoo placement and the tattoo design. As we all know, tattooing is a painful procedure, where sharp needles are used for permanent inking on the body. This pain while tattooing varies depending on the area that is tattooed. Certain body parts experience less pain while others experience severe pain and discomfort. Upper arm tattoos are amongst the less painful ones. You can hide the tattoo with your clothes or show it off. Thus, these tattoos are very flexible in nature. You may not require to take special efforts to grab the attention of people to your tattoo, since they are easily visible. They look great on men with well built triceps and biceps. Upper arm tattoos have been popular among women recently. Let us take a look at some tattoo designs for the upper arm.

An upper arm tattoo can be very large so that it covers the whole upper arm or just a small intricate design smartly inked. One can also go for a tattoo that wraps around the arm. These tattoos are called armband tattoos. The designs for men include patterns with bold lines and dark colors, and those for women include feminine tattoo designs that are small and have detailed designing. Given below is a list of upper arm tattoos for women and men.

Dragon Tattoos: Upper arm has been a popular choice for getting a dragon tattoo. Both Japanese and Chinese dragon tattoos are well known for their dragon tattoo meanings and beautiful artistic designs. These tattoos look great on both men and women.

Tribal Tattoos: Tribal upper arm tattoos are a favorite choice of men, due to their bold symmetric designs. Since men need tattoos that help reveal their tough and strong personalities, tribal tattoos make some of the best options for men.

Flower Tattoos: Flower tattoos are some of the great upper arm tattoos for girls. Knowing the flower tattoo meanings can help you decide the flower tattoo for your upper arm. These tattoos can be combined with other tattoos like vine tattoos, angel tattoos, etc, and you can come up with some elegant tattoo designs.

Celtic Tattoos: Celtic tattoos are popular for their knot like designs. Celtic knots, Celtic butterflies and the Celtic cross, are some of the designs that come under Celtic design tattoos. These tattoos are associated with Christianity and are believed to symbolize fertility and growth. These tattoos make good options for the upper arm.

Zodiac Tattoos: If you are a big follower of astrology, you can go for a zodiac tattoo. All you need to do is find out your zodiac sign and ink on your upper arm, a beautiful design for your zodiac symbol. These tattoos can also be carved with tribal design effects to get the effect of a tribal zodiac tattoo.

So, if you were looking for some design ideas for upper arm tattoos, use the suggestions given above and choose the one that has appealed you the most. Happy Tattooing!

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