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Update July 11, 2017: Confirmed! FIFA 18 without China League +++

Carlos Tevez, Hulk or Oscar – many top players now earn their money in China. So, of course, the interest in the Chinese Super League also rises. But in FIFA 18 , the league will not be there.

The confirmed gameplay producer Sam Rivera vs. “Fox Sports”: “It’s not enough time for the licenses.” The only consolation plaster: in the national teams are the players with the part.

But for the future plans of EA, the China League play an important role: “Many fans around the world have hoped that the interest in the Super League will rise,” Rivera continued.

+++ Update 09. July 2017: Less trouble due to referee decisions +++

Refereeing decisions at FIFA are a chapter in themselves. Probably every zocker knows the situation, that a brutal bloodstalk by the referee only with a yellow card is punished. “Last year there were strange behaviors in the game”, also FIFA-18 developer Matthew Prior over the “kicker” too. “But we’re working on it and we hope it will not happen soon.”
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The developers want to work on the logic. “This may not be a huge change, but it’s still something we’ve been working on,” said Prior, extreme mis-judgments should then be a thing of the past.

+++ Update 06. July 2017: The 3rd League is to come! +++

Good news for the supporters of the FSV Zwickau, the Karlsruher SC, the W├╝rzburger Kickers or one of the 17 other clubs of the 3rd League: The third-third German game class will probably be in FIFA 18 ! This is reported by the “kicker”.

In the new part of the football simulation, the fans of these clubs can therefore most likely for the first time steer their favorite club on the virtual lawn and in trophy hunting even in their career mode.

The agreement between the German Football Association (DFB) and Electronic Arts (EA) has already been sealed, only the announcement was still pending.

The FIFA developer studio thus fulfills a heartfelt wish of many fans. Especially in Germany the supporters of the third league clubs have been waiting for their favorite clubs for years. Among other things to see in the fan votes: On the page already voted more than 220,000 people for Germany’s 3rd league – second place behind the Chinese Super League.

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