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up to Cover Up Tattoos

up to Cover Up Tattoos

When you get a tattoo, you rarely think about those few occasions when you are going to have to cover it up. Even if you just need to cover it for a day, it can be a hassle if you don’t know the right make up to use. As someone who has had to cover a tattoo, I know that regular make up and cover ups just do not do the job. Even worse, when your one of the lucky few who can cover your tattoo with regular make up, it usually rubs off pretty quickly. Now there is no need to worry about those few occasions when you need to conceal your tattoo. I have five make ups that are guaranteed to temporarily cover up your tattoo that require very little effort. Dermablend. This is probably the most commonly heard when it comes to covering a tattoo. All it requires is a simple application. Whether your trying to over up a small or large tattoo, Dermablend has the right cover up for you. Compact Leg Cover Creme is perfect for covering up small tattoos and the Compact Body Cover Creme is less think making it great to cover up large tattoos. The application is simple. Just apply the Cover Creme directly over the tattoo until it is completely covered. Once it is completely covered just let it dry for 2 3 minutes so that it sets. You can apply more if needed once it dries. Using a setting powder is recommended. You can purchase this at any Macy’s store.

ColorTration. This is a product that I have used myself. I think ColorTration is the best tattoo cover up around. This make up is applied same way that you would apply the Dermablend. This is a liquid cover that goes on easily and you don’t need a setting powder. Because this liquid cover is so light, it is more comfortable to wear than stage make up is. This can only be purchased on line.

Mehron and Ben Nye Tattoo Covers. These two types of covers are considered stage make up. These make ups are creamy and waterproof. They can be applied in the same way that the other two make ups were. As with Dermablend, use of a setting powder is recommended. These make ups are a little heavier in weight than ColorTration but not by much.

TattooCamo. This is specially designed to cover up tattoos. This cover up, unlike the others is a paste and works in conjunction with the setting powder. It is applied in the same way as the others. However, it takes longer to dry. Once the cover up is dry you have to apply the setting powder so that is does not smudge.

I feel that the best cover up is ColorTration. It lasts all day and is very lightweight. All of the cover ups can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol. Everyone has their preferences. Some may want something thicker while others may prefer something that is more lightweight. No matter which of these five cover ups you choose, they will match your complexion and will leave you tattoo free for the day.

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