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Two of the Most Sought After Tattoo Studios in the Atlanta Area

Two of the Most Sought After Tattoo Studios in the Atlanta Area

When looking for a tattoo studio the most important concern is safety and of course professionalism. Below are two of the first award winning tattoo studios to hit Atlanta years ago. They are still in the forefront putting out competitive tattooing, unique works of art and traveling around the country sharing their talent and abilities. 1. The Illustrator Tattoo was established by Debi Kienel in New Jersey in 1977. The studio was relocated in the heart of Historical Downtown Dallas, Georgia, located across from the newly renovated Dallas theater. The Illustrator has been a part of the Dallas community for over 21 years. The owner/artist Debi Kienel, better known as “The Illustrator”, has accomplished many feats in the industry especially years ago, when a female tattoo artist was an oddity.

Since then she has traveled the country, winning awards, writing columns, articles and lecturing. Her work has been seen and featured in many major magazines such as Skin Tattoo, Prick and even magazines in Germany.

The first featured publication was Playboy’s Pillow Talk Magazine in July of 1980. Her work has been seen on Ricki Lake, Current Affair and she was featured in the TBS Documentary “Women of the Ink” as well as many books featuring female tattoo artists.

Even though she has been creating unique and impressive works of art for 34 years, she is far from slowing down. She is adding finishing touches to the newly remodeled studio which consists of a complete new collection of flash she has collected from all over the world, even though the studio mostly creates custom work.

The studio has a very relaxed atmosphere and a heavy creative vibe. At The Illustrator it is all about the art! When you walk into the brightly painted turquoise beach looking storefront, you are greeted by a friendly and artistic staff with all the trophies and accomplishments of the studio on display.

Debi was trained as a Technical Illustrator hence the name “The Illustrator” so you will also view an awesome gallery of the artist’s paintings and creative art projects.

The studio specializes in custom work and holds the highest standards in sterilization and gives the best quality work at reasonable rates.

The studio is located at 211 Main Street Dallas, Ga. 30132.

2. Sacred Heart Tattoo is located in the neighborhood of Little Five Points at 483 Moreland Avenue NE Ste 5 Atlanta, Ga. 30307. The shop is professional, clean and the employees are always friendly and anxious to help. Sacred Heart was established in 1994 with other locations in Norcross, Austell, Warner Robins and Centerville.

The owner Tony Olivas specializes in black and grey style work and his renderings are articulate. He does amazing photo realistic renderings. Tony travels the country, working at conventions, impressing everyone along the way. He has been featured in countless major magazines and I’m not sure there is a count of all the awards he has received for his intricate tattooing.

Sacred Heart Tattoo and Tony Olivas hosts The Atlanta Arts Festival showcasing a select group of world class artists. Tony works hard at bringing unique talent to the Atlanta community. This year the event is June 3rd 5th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel 6345 Powers Ferry Road Atlanta, Georgia 30339 Tel:1 800 972 2404.


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Debi was trained as a Technical Illustrator and has been an award winning Tattoo Artist for over 35 years. Her work has been featured on Ricki Lake, Current Affair and also a TBS Documentary Women of the Ink. Art in Cincinnati: MuralsArt in Cincinnati: Murals, Part 2How to Use the Plastic Wrap Tool.

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