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Tree Tattoo Designs

Tree Tattoo Designs

Trees have a symbolic and rich historical significance in many cultures; having been mentioned in myths and revered in many religions. They symbolize the cycle of life with the withering of leaves in the winter, and the rejuvenation of flowers and leaves in the Spring. In Celtic tradition, it is said that trees were the ancestors of mankind, as they had spirits and were living beings. They are symbols of ancient wisdom and connections to the other world too. Hence getting a tree tattoo would have various meanings and look great on any part of the body. Many trees like the cherry blossom, Bodhi, etc. have cultural influences and can be made into creative designs.

Regardless of what your choice of design may be, the meaning will vary as well. Every individual has his/her own requirements and needs to get a tree tattoo. The meaning of these tattoos doesn’t define who you are; it’s actually the other way round. You are someone who gives significance to your tattoos.

When it comes to inking a tree tattoo with animals, there are tons of possibilities. And perhaps that’s the reason we’ve chosen this idea to be at the top of our suggestions. While inking dark colored or black birds, it provides a sense of mystery, secrets, and the unknown. For this design, there are various types of birds that can be chosen, such as crows, eagles, ravens, sparrows, etc. If you look at the design carefully, you’ll see that the birds aren’t flying away from the tree. Even though the tree is almost dying, the birds are staying close by. This generally could mean that even after one chapter in your life may seem to have come to an end, it’s not over yet; hope prevails.

For this tattoo, the simplicity of the design is marvelous, yet deep. There are various designs that can be used as tribal tree tattoos, but we went with this one for its pure clarity. There is no requirement for complicated sketching and once the tattoo is finished, the design looks fabulous. Since the design appears in a circular shape, it can be said that the tattoo speaks of eternity. If this tattoo is what you’re looking for, you can even add roots to the design in a spiral shape to give it a more spiritual and symbolic appeal.

For Egyptians and Assyrians, a palm tree is looked upon as the “tree of life”. It is said that the goddesses Ishtar, Astarte, Nut, and Hathor considered the palm tree to be sacred. It was said that the fruit was utilized to keep the souls of the dead in a semi animated state. This was because the dead would have the opportunity to receive their fate in the Underworld. In the old times, Roman warriors were welcomed back on the beds of palm leaves after various battles.

Although you didn’t know that palm trees had such a deep mythological background, the sheer fact that palm trees are a symbol of fertility, resurrection, protection, honor, truth, and warmth, might do the trick.

Last, but certainly not the least, a colorful tree design is also very popular. This design truly embraces the “tree of life” meaning because of its lush, green branches. You can use the design as it is, or add more leaves to make the tree look fuller, more livelier. The concept of new beginnings, strength, eternity, and life is not lost here.

If you are new to the tattoo art, you can get a small tree tattoo on the wrist or the foot or even your neck. If you like to have big and majestic designs, you can get them done on your back, lower back, stomach, arm, or your hip. Whenever you get a tattoo, regardless of its size, make sure you take proper care of it so it looks good and does not pose a health problem for you. Do your research for an experienced tattoo artist and be sure that you pick the right design, for you. After all, you’ll be the one who has to live with it for the rest of your life. Make sure that the message you’re about send into the world is the correct one.


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