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This is what happens when your tattoo needle goes in too deep and isn’t clean

This is what happens when your tattoo needle goes in too deep and isn’t clean

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No man, seriously, I work closely with the health department on these matters. You catch my drift.

First off, you can not catch any nasty diseases from sweat, and I dont know what shop allows pooling sweat to stick around for someone to sit in anyway.

Blood exposure does happen in tattoo shops, but responsible shops are using gloves, and covering the surface that you are sitting on, the surface they are tattooing off of, and their machine parts that may get exposed to blood with disposable coverings. which get immediately disposed of after every client.

A lot of people doesnt mean shit if you are cleaning properly in between every one. Surgery rooms see a lot of people, so there are procedures in place to make sure it is brand new between each one.

The measures that tattoo shops take to kill off infection (meaning hard surface disinfectants, disposable equipment and proper use of autoclave sterilization) DO NOT > breed up the truly nasty infections like staph.

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