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Thing to Consider when Deciding to Get a Tattoo

Thing to Consider when Deciding to Get a Tattoo

According to a 2003 Harris poll, 24% of adults in America, ages 18 to 50, have at least one tattoo. That’s nearly a quarter of all Americans. With tattoo popularity rising due to celebrity tattoos and shows like “Inked” and “Miami Ink”, that number will continue to rise. Another vital factor in the rise of tattoos is the fact that they have become more socially acceptable. Where as tattoos were once the mark or a criminal or deviant, they are now practically a right of passage. Even older generations have been getting tattoos in larger numbers.

With all of the cultural pressure, many people end up getting tattoos just to have one. This usually results in a badly done tattoo, or an image that the wearer will come to regret. Though tattoos can be covered up by other work, or even removed, it’s best to just get it right the first time, ensuring that the work is well done, and you’ll have an image you’ll be pleased with for the rest of your life.

When deciding to get a tattoo, one needs to ask themselves, “why?” A tattoo should be something meaningful enough to stay with you throughout your life. Many people get tattoos to commemorate an important event, or a special person in their lives. Other people have animals, symbols or words that hold a special meaning for them. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something significant. Most tattoo professionals will warn you not to get the names or images of people who are your significant other. Too many times the relationship will end, leaving the wearer with a painful reminder

Once you’ve decided on the basic concept that you want to convey, the next step is selecting a specific image. If you want to remember your father who passed away, you don’t necessarily need their name or image as your tattoo. Think about the things he loved, things that will always remind you of him. If you want your kid’s names, do them inside of an image with funky lettering. Make the image “you”, make it fit your personality and style.

The next step is getting a concrete image down on paper. Search through tattoo designs or art work that features similar elements to what you want. Make sure you have samples to bring the tattoo artist so they can get a feel for your vision. After all, you want this to be just right, not just something you picked out of a magazine. Make sure the size and shape fits the body part you want it on. Many areas of the body have specific contours that need to be taken into consideration with certain designs.

With your image firmly in place, you then need to find the right artist to execute your design. Each tattoo artist has styles that they specialize in, and you want to be sure you get the right one for the job at hand. One of the best ways to find an artist is to ask people who have great ink where they got it done. Usually they can refer you to a shop with good artists. Be sure to sit down with your artist beforehand as well. Make sure they’re clear on what you want. You should also feel comfortable with person doing your work. They may be touching intimate parts of your body, or spending hours being close to you and talking to you. It makes the experience much more enjoyable if you have a fun artist who you can be comfortable with.

Be sure to give this decision a lot of time. Don’t ever get a tattoo on a whim, especially if it’s your first. It’s an event you’ll want to remember fondly, not regret a year down the road. Done with the right time and effort, tattoos can inspire a life long passion and a deeper appreciation for the beauty of your body.

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