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the Internet finance development of guidance

After the cheap GW2 gold stock market turmoil has ended, Internet financial development guidance released, also a new guide for the development of Internet banking. In fact, we are concerned about the development of the stock with financing platforms, P2P, public finance and other Internet-chip mode applications, while more concerned about the attitude of policy and a new application to convert the resulting, or the excitation mode to change. This can glimpse some clues from the Internet in the financial development of guidance. We can speculate that, with the introduction of the Internet finance the development of guidance to the financial industry into the era of mixed unstoppable.
Mixed is the best Internet banking application
July 18 morning, the Internet financial development guidance formally introduced. Internet and financial depth of integration is the trend, will have a more profound impact on financial products, business, organization and services. Promote the healthy development of Internet banking will help enhance the quality of financial services and efficiency, deepen financial reform, promote financial innovation and development, to expand domestic and opening the financial sector to build multi-level financial system.
Many current Internet banking product, whether it is P2P, all the chips, and even appeared with capital business, it is an exclusive development and innovation in the Internet, or try to finance large frame in the process of trying inevitably be biased, biased How to avoid deviation you will need to have appropriate constraints and checks and balances. The introduction of the Internet finance development of guidance to a tremendous impact on the development mode of the entire financial industry and the conversion will be.
Currently, the Internet finance major companies within the first camp coincidentally began mixing industry layout. According to Analysys think tank, released earlier Internet financial industry report, “Internet banking companies are gradually improving their own layout, ‘mixed’ model has begun to take shape.”
Pay a license from the beginning to the recent flurry of equity to raise the public, the personal credit information, the development of P2P industry, all indicates that the future of mainstream Internet banking will be mixed business model, the domestic Internet banking finance companies will focus on a full range of various formats layout, whether it is ant, Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong financial, or quick money back Wanda on Mixed layout are doing active preparations. With the “guidance” was promulgated, and the first clear border, business rules and regulatory liability of Internet banking and various mixed development of the financial industry will also usher in a new development opportunity.

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