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the incident shock a man crying for help

Shenzhen Central Park is located in downtown Shenzhen,cheap tera gold covers an area of ​​147 hectares, which has a number of artificial lakes, a lot of the people of Shenzhen weekend leisure destination, but on the 20th early in the morning, there is a public rebellion, said on the 19th, 23 am , two 30-year-old man in the lake electric fish,buy tera gold who knows no electricity to fish, but to catch both their lives. According to the reporter, the incident shock a man crying for help, while another man rescue also electric shock.
One person to another person shock Yujiu
Both died on the spot
Accident artificial lake located in the world of flowers and Hung Lai Road, the reporter saw, there are fish in the lake shaking from time to time, the grass also left behind a fish with white rope and other items. After the incident, the park increased patrols, see someone fishing in the lake or creek, all were expelled.
Ms. Jiang has witnessed the trouble the public process, she recalls the evening of 19, the park has lights, but because it is the weekend, in which there are still many people walking. A man armed with wire, hiding in the lake inside the plant nearly two meters high, suddenly screams a cry, then fell to the ground, “Ah to call, because the dead of night, heard it clearly.” Along with the other fish had calls immediately stepped forward to attempt to rescue a man, also on the spot of electric shock down the side.
“A man’s face burned burnt, the electric fish when possible foot next to the water.” According to reports, when the artificial lake next to other anglers, have run over after abnormal sound heard, call 110. Police quickly arrived on the scene and 120 doctors confirmed the two men had been killed. You can see from the photographs provided by witnesses, two men was then pulled Park Service Security, lying covered with wet grass, she had no signs of life.
Security electric fish difficult to catch the endless stop
There is always a fear of death
According to police, the dead were Lee and closed a 39-year-old and 37-year-old, living in the vicinity of Lee, the two then went together to the electric fish, initially identified as the cause of death electric shock.
Reporters found that the accident did not install artificial lake fence, people are very easy to water. However, a plurality of peripheral also erected warning signs, prohibiting visitors into the water and fishing. 20 morning, the Park Service said that about 20 minutes before the accident, their security had to patrol trouble spots, but did not find Lee and closed some, there is no electric fish tools found at the site.
Shenzhen Central Park Administration Security Department official said, Central Park is located in the center of downtown, surrounded by a plurality of neighborhoods, open 24 hours, a lot of people like to play in the water or fishing, park security will patrol once every half hour, but Sometimes too many people into the water, they are difficult to stop, especially over the fish of calls, people will generally choose less after midnight. “Administrator riding a bicycle patrol every day driving and confiscation of fishing gear,” the official said, took place in the evening of 19 deaths of an hour later, the administrator also found that a number of electric fish are nearby.

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