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The handling of the fifa 18 cheap coins

The handling of the problem of 16 enterprises, only 3 to complete the fifa 18 cheap coins, cancellation rate is only 18.8%.4 In early May 2 enterprises transfer problem after three inspections fifa 18 cheap coins fails to complete the rectification and cancellation. Hurricane Baoding Battery Co., Ltd. and other 6 companies have outstanding environmental problems is not installed fifa 18 cheap coins not the normal operation of pollution control facilities, but the Qingyuan district only ordered rectification, not according to the law for punishment; Jia Hao fifa 18 cheap coins company limited to pollution control facilities the normal operation of casting untreated exhaust straight row, and to resort to deceit check, but without verifying that the fifa 18 cheap coins rectification pin number, the poor are not real. Xinxiang Makino District rectification work is seriously lagging behind. As of fifth buy madden 18 coins, 8 enterprises of fifa 18 cheap coins have not completed the rectification and cancellation. Xinxiang City Furui plastic madden mobile coin store company 3 enterprises without the EIA unauthorized expansion,

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