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the elite level of the third projection

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It is generally believed that the rocket is an elite-level three-point projection unit. Accurate, this sentence is not a big mistake, but because of the rocket three-pointers high hand, which makes them leave the people such an impression.

Last season, the Rockets shot three more goals more than 40 times. But their three-point shooting rate, but also 35.7%, ranked 15th in the league. The Rockets can always keep their third of the brigade of the character, are relying on the number of teams shot rather than the accuracy of shooting.

To the current point of view, 35.7% of the hit rate is not much difference (especially in the case of three shots per game 40 times), but there is certainly room for improvement. And that’s where Chris Paul wants to work.

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Anderson and Trevor – Trevor Ariza and other shooters to create a suitable shot opportunities. These shooters do not have their own ability to create space shot shot, which means that they need an elite-level point guard to help them find a shot outside the arc.

When Harden was resting on the bench last season, the shooters and other players often needed Patrick Beverly and Eric Gordon to create a shot for them. Although the two players also have a good ability to control the ball, and occasionally for teammates to create a good shooting opportunities, but they compared with Paul and Harden, organizational capacity far worse.

When the Rockets kept at least one of Harden and Paul, the Rockets’ role players and shooters had at least one top point guard to create a vacant shot for them, which would dramatically increase the team’s third Hit rate.

In order to allow the team to become more efficient during the playoffs, the Rockets have to become a three-point throwing more and more prospective team. If their hit rate has been the average level, then the opponent will be more willing to let the rockets again and again to the unnecessary three-point attempt. However, once the rocket’s third hit rate came to the top ten league, then the opponent will be more fear, and thus focus on the rocket shooter does not give the opportunity to calmly shot outside the arc, and then make their own defensive pressure surge.

1, the historical level of offensive level
At the beginning of the article, we talked about how important it was for a team that had a top defensive ability in the title race. Rockets next season must be in this area a breakthrough. But the rocket not only to focus on maintaining their top level of attack, but also to find ways to come in the playoffs when the next level.

Rockets signed this summer, the two “not very concerned about the players outside the”, are in the offensive end of the game is not much players. Tucker and Bamot are all need the best point guard to help them get high-quality shot opportunities, and they play on the offensive end and Trevor Ariza, Anderson is almost exactly the same.

Therefore, Paul and Harden two players throughout the season to be healthy, and reasonable arrangements for two people playing time, so as to maximize the team to stimulate the offensive potential, which is very important. The whole game down Harden and Paul at least leave a person present, will ensure that the rocket attack will never decline. The two players have also proved before, as long as they have the right teammates around, then they will be able to lead the team played on the offensive end of the wind and water.

Paul’s excellent pass, ball ability, coupled with Harden and a public shooter, should be able to make the Rockets last season, 111.8 on the basis of the efficiency of further attack. Paul’s excellent mid-range ability will also greatly enrich the rocket’s tactics, to the opponent to bring greater defensive pressure, and this ability in the second round of the playoffs last season with the Spurs duel is precious.

In a nutshell, the Rockets want to be successful in the playoffs, their tactics must be more abundant. If they do this, plus a few other can be successfully completed, then their next season is bound to have extraordinary achievements.
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