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the Celtics at home to 4 points lost the Bulls

“What does he (Thomas) need to do, we will support him in a variety of ways,” Stevens said in an interview, “if he wants to stay here (Boston), then we will always be with him If he wants to go to Seattle, then he goes to Seattle, that ‘s his right, and he should. In the Bulls and the Celtics in the first leg of the contest, the Celtics finally at to 4 nba mt lost the Bulls. Beijing time after the day, they will continue to sit at home to meet the second series of the arrival of the series, when the small Thomas can play is still unknown.

Beijing time on April 17, according to “Florida Sun Sentinel” reported that the recent Heat striker Chris Bosh guest a file interview program, talked about his future career planning. In the Bosh said nba 2k mt long-term troubled his blood clot disease will not destroy his desire to return to the NBA. “Yes, of course, I think so,” when the host asked Bosh if there is mt coins to return to the NBA, Bosh said, “said the of my heart, I am still an athlete, I do not want to end in this way My career. ”

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