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the Best Tattoo Shop in New Jersey

the Best Tattoo Shop in New Jersey

Do you live in New Jersey and need a great tattoo artist? I highly suggest going to see Dennis who works at the Ink Spot West located in Greenbrook, New Jersey. Dennis has been tattooing since the early nineties as far as I can remember. When I first went to the Ink Spot the first impression was “Wow what a very nice looking place for a tattoo shop.” When looking for a tattoo shop, always make sure the shop is clean, professional looking and has a very pleasant atmosphere. Take a look around the tattoo shop to see how the artists are in action, look at all the pictures on the wall, ask to glimpse through some of the artists previous tattoo jobs, and ask about pricing.

It was extremely clean, the tattoo artists were very friendly, floors were spotless, and all of the tattoo supplies were neatly organized. The main concern of course was “Are the needles all in their own package?” This was only my third tattoo so I was still nervous so to say. You are probably thinking” where did I get my other 2 tattoos done then?” I actually got my tiger cub, and my twin angels done by Phil who also worked for Ink Spot West then decided to go to Florida I think. After Phil I was quite nervous about who was going to do my tattoo in memory of my father who passed away 6 years ago.

I knew Dennis has been there for some time and thought “Wow his portfolio had some amazing art work let’s give him a shot”. When I told Dennis what I wanted done he automatically sat down with me and discussed every detail about the tattoo I chose, helped add some creativeness to the tattoo, and discussed the price. Being an artist myself I knew after meeting and sitting down with Dennis this was going to be the best tattoo ever.

The Ink Spot West books your appointments really fast, only takes a small deposit, and never skimps on the tattoo ink. Their prices are a tad higher than most tattoo parlors, but the finished results, atmosphere, cleanliness and talent completely make up for it. From what I remember they take all major credit cards. Right now the Ink Spot West has 9 tattoo artists to choose from. There are 4 girl tattoo artists and 5 guy tattoo artists. The top artists to see in my own opinion are Dennis, Steve, and Laurie. Dennis because he did 2 of my tattoos plus my husbands family of tigers on his arm, Steve for his amazing tattoo work he has done on my one friend, and Laurie for her tremendous talent she shows in her portfolio. If you can wait a week or so definitely try to book an appointment with Dennis.

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