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than the national cheap fifa 18 coins standard

than the national standard (not more than 3 mg/g) 1.1 times cheap fifa 18 coins. The inspection organization is Zhejiang Fangyuan testing group Limited by Share Ltd. (four) No. 1 cheap fifa 18 coins really amazing flagship store (the operator for Zhengzhou really Trading Co. Ltd.) in shop No. 1 (website) nominal sales in Henan province old jujube jujube industry has cheap fifa 18 coins packaging, Zhengzhou really Trading Company produced pumpkin seed (twopackage), coliform bacteria 5 times the detection fifa coins cheap were 2.7 * 102 * cheap fifa 18 coins CFU/g, 1.2 CFU/g, 4.9 x 103 x 103 CFU/g, 7.9 CFU/g, 5.4 x 102 CFU/g, does not meet the national standard of coliform detection 5 the results are not more than 100CFU/g cheap fifa 18 coins at least 3 times the test result does not exceed 10CFU/g. inspection institutions Zhejiang Fangyuan nhl 18 hut coins group Limited by Share Ltd. (five) Tmall flagship store (the cheap fifa 18 coins for the Ling’an troop party five food factory) in Tmall Mall (website) Ling’an old five nominal food factory production of northeast pine sales,

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