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Tattoos on Mommies

Tattoos on Mommies

So I’m back, and I’m going post crazy!

Nah, not really. But I realized how much I missed having a community of mommies to bounce ideas around with! So here’s a thought that’s been going through my head for a while and I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

DH and I each have one tattoo. Mine is a typical run of the mill flower on my shoulder blade. His is amazingly awesome and is pretty big on his chest. When I ran this all by DH, he really wasn’t wild about the idea. My DH is a wonderful, supportive husband and father, and I really respect his opinion especially about something as personal and permanent as a tattoo. But at the same time, I’m feeling ever so slightly resentful because he thinks it’s a great idea for him to get a tat, but for me he just feels that my tattooing days are over. I do see where he’s coming from. But I’d much rather him be on board with me and happy about it. After all, we’re in this for the long haul and he’s the only one that would see the tat on a regular basis.

Sorry that post got long my posts always do!! But thank you if you are still reading. What do you think? Try to convince my DH that I should get a tat? Or just forget about it and move on to worrying about more important things like grocery lists and laundry stain removal?

I’m sure he said what he did not meaning to be offensive, but PP’s right. Wether he meant it or notit sounds a little sexist. I think your answer depends on how much you want the tattoo, and how much what he said bothers you. If it were me, I would adress the conversation again and see what else he has to say about it. Is it possible that the reason he doesn’t want you to get another tattoo doesn’t have to do with motherhood?

I am also with PP in the minority and I only find tattoos on women attractive in certain situations. I’m a big fan of “virgin skin” as one might say, and very feminine, clean looks. Not to say that some can’t be tasteful and all people with tats are unattractive. I also think that it’s a probably a fad that will slow down eventually. I have one tattoo that I really regret and can’t imagine getting another one unless it were hidden and very meaningful in some way. I do think that what you want sounds tasteful.

So happy to hear from more of you I appreciate all different views. I’m especially happy to hear from uprootedmagnolia and ohnonotleslie yay, I missed you both!

uprootedmagnolia, you seriously (as always) echo a lot of my own thoughts.

Back to the whole sexist thing. I suppose I kinda paraphrased our conversation about this. Sometimes I like to do the talking for my DH, to try to find out what he’s thinking. So, after having mentioned the possibility of getting a tattoo a few times to DH with a kind of “meh” response (as in, he wasn’t super duper excited or vocal about it) I started prodding. I was like, “I dunno, maybe my days of getting tattoos are behind me. I am a mommy now. is that what you think? Maybe that’s why you don’t seem excited about it?” and he responded “Yeah, I guess.” So perhaps I’m taking a leap to assume that meant his reasoning was as sexist as I made it out to be. More likely, he just for whatever reason didn’t think my tattoo ideas were great, or he just really likes my body the way it is, and he didn’t feel like articulating it himself. I am definitely the more “wordy” of the two of us. but I’m sure you ladies could have guessed that from my mile long posts. uprootedmagnolia a month ago I checked Julie Julia out from my mom’s library. I renewed it twice, and we still never watched it. I really, really made an attempt. What is wrong with us?!

sonolola Nice perspective! She sounds amazing!

I really don’t think anyone should take the “trashy” comments personally. We all have enough life experience to realize that tattoos are not exactly mainstream nor are they everyone’s cup of tea. Many people feel the same as PP does about tattoos looking “trashy”. Coming from a pretty traditional family, I completely can see how someone could form this opinion and it doesn’t bother me in the least. And quite honestly, I have seen my share of trashy tattoos. We all have. So I don’t take it personally if someone is of the general opinion that tattoos are trashy. There are plenty of people out there who have created this stigma and it’s no reflection on me personally.

Mandibelle I love the dream catcher tattoo idea! That is what I was thinking about getting on my left side (rib cage area) for my daughters. Only thing stopping me is I’m of Irish descent and absolutely no Native American whatsoever, so I feel like I have to get a freakin 4 leaf clover or something! I do have a Claddagh ring that is very dear to me that DH gave me 8 years ago when we were dating, so I’m thinking about incorporating that somehow. But I’m super drawn to the dream catcher even still.

I understand where PP are coming from at least. It is deeply ingrained in our society’s collective brain that tattoos are somehow ok on men and not on women. It goes back generations upon generations. It’s really only in the last 50 years or so that tattoos on women have even become remotely acceptable. It will take time before there isn’t a such a blatant double standard. When people think of men with tattoos, they think of muscular, “bad boy with a heart of gold” types. When they think of women with tattoos, they think of an obese woman in a tube top, smoking a cigarette, with “Juicy” plastered on her thigh. It’s all about preconceived notions and, by definition, prejudice.

Granted, fad tattoos don’t scream class and foresight and bother me a bit, but really all fads bother me. Tattoo fads are just more pitiable as they are more permanent than pants hanging below one’s knees. There are certainly some terrible tattoos out there. See my previous post, lol. However, I think a well thought out, meaningful tattoo is beyond fine. At the very least not in the same category as confederate flag tramp stamps or the guy who got the Romney “R” tattooed on his face.

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