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Tattoos for Girls

Tattoos for Girls

Tattooing is a form of body art that has gained a lot of popularity among girls in recent years. Earlier, approximately 50 to 60 years ago, tattoos were considered to be a taboo for girls. Girls with tattoos on their body were considered to be rebellious, outlandish and as women of loose character. It was only around two decades ago that female tattoo designs became acceptable in society. This major shift in opinion started because many female star celebrities started sporting them on their bodies. Now, the symbol of defiance and stubbornness has turned into a fashion statement. The wide variety of design options for girls gives them an opportunity to choose a tattoo that would suit their personality the best.

List of Ideas for Girly Tattoos

Girls usually go for designs that are small and pretty because they look feminine and are very delicate. Compared to the big and robust male designs, small tattoos are less aggressive. However, there are many women who think big full designs look cool and attractive. These designs are not only attractive but every tattoo is symbolic and has some deeper meaning.

Star Designs Stars are one of the oldest symbols and are given an important position both in the field of science and most of the religions too. As it holds a supernatural meaning, star have become a very popular idea for girls. They are preferred by most girls because floral designs symbolize subtlety, beauty and youth. Among flowers, the most commonly chosen flowers are the roses which stand for love, romance and grace. Tribal designs differ according to the tribal communities, however, these tribal tattoos reflect the myth, religion and values of the tribal community. Many girls go for a heart design with the name of their lover written across it. Angels are considered to be protectors of the soul and are connected to spiritualism. Angels can be depicted in the form of little creatures with wings, angels in white robes surrounded by bright light, and similar themes.

Locations for Tattoos

Just like the tattoo designs, there are certain locations that are very popular among girls for having tattoos. Let us look at some of them.

Lower back designs or tramp stamps are very popular, because they are said to be attractive and sexy. Besides, the lower back area of the body has wide and smooth space for a large design. Back designs also seem to be very common, with the back of a girl filled with a huge flowery design. Having a tattoo at the back of the neck is also considered to be one of the cool designs.

The wrist is another body part that is said to be perfect for having delicate and subtle designs. Wrist are selected because they can be covered with watches or bracelets if necessary at work places. Ankle tattoos are also believed to be fashionable.

Some other areas of the body where having a tattoo would look fantastic are the shoulder area and the arms. Shoulder tattoos usually include fairies, angels, flowers and stars. As for arm tattoos, the most favored designs are that of flowers and butterflies. But there is no hard and fast rule about the type of tattoo that should be placed at a particular location on the body.

There are certain important things that you should not overlook before going in for a tattoo. Research well about the different types of designs that are available. Along with the above designs, some other popular tattoos include zodiac signs, Celtic designs, fairy designs, etc. Do not be in a great hurry to get a tattoo just because your best friend has one. Think it over carefully and go for a tattoo that reflects your attitude and style.


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