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Tattoos and Breastfeeding

Tattoos and Breastfeeding

Article I just read because both of my parents are tattoo artist and they said I could get one but I was a little worried.

My dh is a tattoo artist so I can help you with this! You CAN get a tattoo while breastfeeding, but it is frowned upon for a couple reasons. While the ink molecules are too big to get into your milk supply, it is not generally recommended because if you were to get an infection, medication to stop that infection can get into your milk and/or affect your supply. The other reason is if you were to catch a disease (improper sterilization) you do have the possibility of transferring said disease to your child through your milk. I have been tattooed while breastfeeding many times, but I trust my hubby not to give me hepatitis lol. One of the bonuses of getting tattooed while breastfeeding is if you do manage to get an infection, you can just put some breast milk on it and it will clear right up! The things you learn lol.

Oh, it is also recommended that you wait 6 months after giving birth to get tattooed (regardless if your are breastfeeding or not) to give your body enough time to heal completely from said birth.

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