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Tattoo Sleeve Ideas for Girls

Tattoo Sleeve Ideas for Girls

Tattoos are like stories they’re symbolic of the important moments in your life. In my teens, very few girls had tattoos; the locations were chosen specifically to hide the tattoos. Sleeve tattoos were not even considered. They were the rarest type. Tables turned and today, tattoos are trending like they never did. And, guess what the latest trend is: sleeve tattoos. Not only men, but a lot of women are getting these done. Yes, sleeve tattoos were late comers. However, they’ve evolved the fastest. Opting for a sleeve tattoo gives you a great advantage: the liberty to choose more than one tattoo, and have them all inked in your sleeve tattoo. In this article, we shall concentrate on tattoo sleeve ideas meant only for girls, and women. We’ll first have a look at the types of sleeve tattoos, and then proceed to several designs. This tattoo is hidden easily in most dresses, and is less visible than the others. My personal recommendation would be to prefer these, if you want nothing else but a sleeve tattoo. And, if you want it really quick, then again, this would really be the best option. If you wish to increase the length later on, you can do that too! Remember, shortening it is more grueling. It is the commonest among all. It looks more like a sleeve, compared to the quarter one. It is also easier to hide this one, as compared to the full sleeve type. It will come only till your elbow and not below that. Nowadays, girls opt for a design that ends just below the elbow. So, you can consider that too. A type that is not too long, and not too short. As for the cost, it is not necessary for it to be cheaper than the full length tattoo sleeve. Very few girls actually have the patience to get these done. However, they are truly a work of brilliant art. They are an outcome of absolute patience, immense endurance, and unique art. Full length sleeve tattoos will start from your shoulder, and end at your wrist. The artist will charge you money depending on the area he has to cover, and the intricacy of the design. One thing you must remember, is that there is no hiding this one. You have it, you flaunt it!

As we have seen, sleeve tattoos are meant to depict a sleeve on your arm. This means, that getting a small design somewhere on your arm, isn’t going to help. A sleeve tattoo has to start from your shoulder, and ‘has to’ look like a proper sleeve, even from a distance. Taking into consideration all this, in my opinion, tribal tattoos would look the best . Tribal designs are intricate; this gives them a higher chance to resemble a sleeve. A second option, is the Japanese sleeve tattoo. You can also write anything of your choice, in various scripts.

Speaking of sleeve tattoos, one has to consider the option of extending. A lot of people get extensions, and increase the length of their tattoos later on. This means, the design you choose now, will determine whether or not you can get an extension. A good tattoo artist will probably give you a great extension. However, it is always better to consider this probability when you get a tattoo sleeve done initially. Extensions then, become a lot easier. Sleeve tattoo designs are a big deal; they will probably take more time to figure, than a dozen single tattoos put together. Abstract patterns thus, are a safer bet.

Nowadays, you also get fake tattoo sleeves. Apart from these, shirts are sometimes manufactured in a way, that they resemble sleeve tattoos. These are great temporary options! A tattoo shows the kind of person you might be. Whatever tattoo sleeve design you get, make sure it means something to you. Something you believe in; something that you live by. I’m sure you’ll choose a great one. Best of Luck!

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