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Tattoo Lettering Script

Tattoo Lettering Script

Using a lettering script can add a creative edge to the text that you wish to get tattooed on your body. There are a multitude of tattoo script designs that you can choose from for this purpose, and all of them can be modified to suit your personal tastes as well. Text tattoos are very popular today, and the primary distinguishing factor amongst them is the font and style that is used.

There are many flash websites over the Internet that let you preview whatever text you want in hundreds of different styles. All you have to do is type in the text you want and then view it in various styles. Alternately, you can even come up with your own personal scripts. The tattoo artist will simply transfer it to his stencil and then apply it on your body.

The beauty of tattoos is that you can get pretty much anything on your body. Whether it is a drawing, a picture, text or a combination of any of these. Complementing a picture or a design with some form of script is a common practice, and it can be designed to mean a variety of things.

Some people prefer to get the initials or the name of someone who is very important in their life, some people choose to get a motto or saying that they live by, while some people wish to just get a funny or humorous quote tattooed on them. There are no rules or guidelines about what is morally right, so one can choose from a million different possibilities.

Some of the most popular scripts are those that involve a phrase or a word in a foreign language. Some ancient languages are entirely symbol oriented in nature and these can be made to look very attractive and aesthetic. Ancient Greek symbols, the Chinese or the Mandarin script, and the Devanagari script are some of the most widely used fonts. Arabic script designs and Hebrew scripts have also gained a lot of popularity worldwide as they can be contorted and designed to look very eye catching. One of the main causes for this massive upsurge in their popularity are the many celebrities who regularly flaunt their text tattoos to the world.

Fancy Tattoo Scripts

The kind of scripts that are used are also dependent on the part of the body where the tattoo is being placed. As mentioned before, there are no fixed rules or guidelines about such things, but different fonts will look better on different body parts. Once you have decided the text that you want, and the font as well, you can place the tattoo stencil on various parts of your body to determine which one looks the best. It is advisable though, to know this beforehand. It is smarter to know where you are going to get the tattoo on your body, rather than attempt to place the design and find the best spot for it. Script wrist tattoos have caught on a lot off late, as this is an area that is easily visible to one and all.

One major disadvantage of these scripts is that as tattoos fade over time, the lettering may become unreadable after a while. In large pictorial tattoos these differences do not alter their appearance drastically, but in the case of textual tattoos, a minor difference in some lines can make it look bad. Thus, it is better to get a larger text with strong thick lines. The finer the lines of the letters, the greater the possibility of it fading away over time.

At the end of the day, when you are deciding between various scripts you should choose one that you genuinely like. Just like the content of the text is something that is close to your heart, the script and font style should also be something meaningful. At the same time, it should look pleasing and aesthetic as well.

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