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Tattoo Flash Magazine

Tattoo Flash Magazine

The Bottom LineThis is one of the largest body art magazines you’ll ever pick up, and it’s absolutely full of art. It’s not all flash there are a lot of color tattoo photos as well. The flash is submitted by artists from all over, so you get an abundance of different styles with every issue. There are no advertisements to sift through, so it’s pure entertainment. The huge success of this magazine proves that point. There are two main features in this publication photos and flash. Although the magazine is actually named “flash”, it sometimes has more photos than drawings. What I like about the photos is that it is usually quality art and good photography. The pictures aren’t washed out or grainy like you see in some magazines. They also usually have some kind of feature that is of special interest apart from the usual art.

The flash section is one of my favorites, even though a lot of the art that shows up there is a little too bizarre for my own taste. But regardless of whether or not I’d actually get one of these designs as a tattoo, I enjoy seeing new art and fresh ideas. If you’re a beginner flash artist, this is an excellent way to get people to notice your work.


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