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Tattoo Designs and Ideas For Men

Tattoo Designs and Ideas For Men

Although there are few big differences between men and women, and their tattoo’s.

Males need to consider a whole different subset of options when getting a tattoo. Correct body placement of a tattoo on a man can transform him into a bit of a stud muffin, or if done incorrectly emasculate him.

The very nature of men, means that getting a tattoo is not often a thought out process. This is for life at this point in time. (No one has developed an easy, pain free way of removing a tattoo yet so yes, its going to be with you for a very long time!)

Men, put a bit of thought into your piece of body art. Take the time and effort to find an amazing and talented tattoo artist. Do not, I repeat Do not go to the ‘dude’ down the road who’ll do it for $50 bucks. I guarantee you he got his tattoo machine off eBay, as well as his made up credentials. These back yard operators are fake tattooists’ and are offering you a cheap and nasty tattoo. In all probability it’ll be poorly executed with a side dose of hepatitis or some other equally appealing disease. Buyer beware.

Now besides making sure you’re going to a reputable Tattoo Studio, have a think about your tattoo design. Have you already a design in mind? If so get some references together and book a consult with your Artist.

Remember, tattoos are a one time deal. Don’t stuff it up.

Good Places for A Mans First TattooTattoos that are just plonked anywhere on the body can look odd and out of place. A bit of thought needs to go into choosing where on your body you are going to get your tattoo.

For your employment, or future employment, do you need to be able to cover your artwork with clothing? There is no point pushing too hard against public opinion, perhaps you work in a field where visible tattoos are not readily accepted, then you need to cross off hands, necks and face for tattoo sites.

You must also assess whether a tattoo high up on your chest near your shirts neckline area, at the edges of your wrists and even tattoos below your elbows are suitable for employment (Tattoos cost money, life is always so much easier and fruitful if you can get a job when you need or want one). If you live in a tropical location you may want to wear short sleeves for comfort, having tattoos can limit your ability to do this in some cases.

Usually hands, neck and face tattoos are only done to heavily tattooed people. But there is a trend to be extreme and get tattoos in “job stopping” positions. Check in with your mother about this.

Choose a place you can see, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to see your new piece of body art. Also think about how the tattoo design flows on your body.

A good rule of thumb is to use your tattoo to highlight your best feature or body part. (If you have to include a partner, consider a symbolic representation of them or just their initials). You’ll probably thank me one day!Reviews of the Best Tattoo Aftercare Kits for Complete Tattoo Protection and HealingReviews of the Best Tattoo Aftercare Kits for Complete Tattoo Protection and Healing

Reviews of the Best Tattoo Aftercare Kits available to assist you through all the stages of your tattoos healing and protection.

Tattoos that Men Get That Are Just WrongAs much as we like to believe that tattoos’ are widely accepted, and no matter how much of a self expression of oneself tattoos’ can be there are many instances where certain tattoos are just plain wrong!

If you value being an active and accepted member of society for the many numerous amount of years you have left, think long and hard about getting these types of tattoos;

Swas stickers or any racial discriminatory tattoos. There is a huge difference between a racially discrimatory and a tattoo that embraces your beliefs. If you must get one, consider blending it into your design, not making it a plain out and right insult. It will make your life harder more so than any angst you hope it proclaims. In other words hide it.

Naked ladies that shake their booties or boobs when you wiggle your muscle or jiggle your underarm. That shiz is just gross!

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