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Sun Tattoo Meaning

Sun Tattoo Meaning

Body tattoos are very popular throughout the world since centuries. As the sun was a deity of many ancient civilizations, people adorned the sun tattoo as an honor to their deity. However, today tattoos are used by men and women for self expression or to make a fashion statement. Nowadays, adorning a sun tattoo does not mean that you are a worshiper of the sun deity. Most of the people have this tattoo simply for its beauty rather than the meaning associated with it. However, there are several other meanings related to it.

The sun is a timeless choice for tattoo as you can have a traditional as well as a modern design depicting the sun. Nowadays, you have myriad option of colors, patterns and designs to choose from. On the other hand, you can either go for tribal tattoos or Celtic tattoos, depending on your preference. Although you can have the sun tattoo on any part of your body, like the arm, shoulder, chest, back, legs, etc.; the one on the belly button look really hot.

We find the references of the sun in all popular myths and folklore in nearly all the parts of the world. The sun was considered (is still considered) very sacred and was worshiped in nearly all parts of the ancient world. The role and the symbolism of the sun is different in different cultures. Therefore, the reason behind having a sun tattoo depends on the person’s belief, culture, outlook and also varies accordingly.

The sun tattoo symbolizes all the qualities, characteristics and energies associated with the sun. One should know that the symbolism completely depends on the pattern or the way the tattoo has been made. These tattoos can be simple, monochromatic, or can even be complex and multicolored. The following are some popular meanings of sun tattoos.

It stands for truth and light.

As it was earlier believed that the sun was responsible for birth and harvest; it also symbolizes fertility.

It represents vitality, vigor, power, force and leadership.

These tattoos symbolize dignity, courage, creativity, knowledge and self hood.

It represents re birth or reincarnation. As the sun sets and rises everyday, it strongly symbolizes immortality.

The tribal sun tattoo design with a face of a human being inside the sun is believed to provide protection from dangerous or negative aspects of life.

Although the sun is considered a masculine figure, tattoos for women can be made with the design of the sun along with the moon or stars to make it more delicate, or to represent feminine features.

The design of the Celtic sun symbolizes fertility, healing and source of life. Hence, sun tattoos are used to depict the energizing and healing powers of a person.

The pairing of the sun and the moon tattoo is also considered as the sexual and spiritual union of a male and a female.

Common tattoo designs for men are the designs of an evil, angry or a flaming sun, symbolizing anger and fire associated with the sun.

Sometimes, people draw the sun tattoo to depict passion for anyone or anything in their life.

Your tattoo is sure to be popular and gain you envious looks, no matter whatever design you make. This is because, one of the most important sun tattoo meaning is its ability to keep shining forever!


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