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Skull Tattoos

Skull Tattoos

As popular as tattoos have become, they remain an artist statement of rebellion for many people. In older times, it was though that only people of ill repute had tattoos. Actually tattoos have been a source of tribal cultures for thousands of years. However, they still have that edginess to them in modern United States society, and no tattoo is more edgy than the skull tattoo.

If you have ever seen a skull tattoo on someone, perhaps you became a beat wary of that person if you did not know them well. The skull has long been the symbol of death and danger, and that is why some people choose to get skull tattoos to make them look tough.

In fact, skull tattoos are often associated with biker gangs. Perhaps the sight of a skull was meant to warn people that the bikers were to be reckoned with. Skull tattoos are also popular amongst young people as a sign of rebelliousness. However, skull tattoos can have other meanings.

For example, if you are a literary person and you like Hamlet by William Shakespeare, perhaps you would want a skull tattoo to symbolize that play, since Hamlet’s famous soliloquy is made while he his holding a skull in one hand.

Some people wonder how a person could ever want a skull tattoo. After all, isn’t a skull by itself rather boring? Well, not today, since tattoo artists are better than ever at their craft. For example, by just adding some lighter ink, a tattoo artist can make a skull look three dimensional by having the sunken eyes glow.

If you are thinking of getting a skull tattoo, and you want to have a professional career, keep in mind the placement of the tattoo. Some professions do not want to have tattoos visible on their employees, so be sure to place it somewhere that can be visible informally, but easily covered if need be.

Also, are you getting a skull tattoo because a skull really does hold a deeper symbolic meaning for you, or are you doing it just because you can? Remember that a tattoo is meant to stay on your body forever. If you want one removed it will coast both time and money.

If you want more information on skull designs, be sure to search the internet, since many tattoo websites have online portfolio galleries. You are sure to find the right design for you with the proper research.

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