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Show off your Tattoos

Show off your Tattoos

i sing this to my son every night, since the day he was born, and will to my next children as well. just as my mother did for me and her mother for her.

here’s my tattoo in progress fullfilling my whimsicle fairy like needs. lol. i always wanted a fairy but i changed my mind and went with something that felt related, but less. geeky? idk. SUNFLOWERS. my absolute favorite. and the barn owl (which will look a lot more awesome when it’s completed) to add that bit of mystery

i have one more tattoo but it was shameful to begin with and stretch marks during pregnancy made it that much more beautiful. lmao. so sorry, no picture for that one. for anyone curious it’s a colorful mushroom and a four leaf clover. (no it was not meant to be a drug reference, more so fairytale theme)

1 designed it myself. i 2 tribal dragon, done 9 yrs ago3 dragon my friend drew for me, done 9 yrs ago4 matching LOTR tats with my best friend. its the tree that shows up on the entrance to the mines of moria. the lettering is “friend”i want to add to that tat with some more elements to the gate or moria in general

I just have one. I want more, but this was my first. I didn’t want anything large or too detailed as my first tattoo, so I just got something small and pretty. Well, fairly small.

I got it in Hawaii. I have wanted something Polynesian looking for a while (I like the artwork) and figured Hawaii would be a good place to get it. It was an old Hawaiian man who drew and tattooed it, so it feels pretty authentic.

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