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Schalke chairman talks about Bayern: A better team wins

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The second round of the Bundesliga league, Schalke 04 home 0-3 loss to Bayern Munich, after the game, Schalke executives said they lost convinced.

In an interview, Schalke President Tournis said: “a better team to win, we are fighting, but we face Bayern can not do anything.”

Schalke sports director Haider said: “We lose convinced, but we must pay attention not to deviate from the existing track.”

Bursa, Sept. 20 hearing Barcelona 6-1 victory over Eval, after the game Barvade received an interview.

For the results of the match, Balveld said: “6-1 seems to be the nature of the rolling victory, but in fact the process is not as easy as the results seem.Eval formation is very pressure, gave us pressure. A very brave team.

“He’s a very good terminator,” he said. “He’s the best player I’ve ever seen on the pitch. (welcome to to buy cheap fifa 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
He’s so good, he’s no language to describe him.” In the presence of Messi in any position is the same, he will be in the place where it is impossible to send a pass.He loves football, enjoy football, never tired of winning.

For the excellent state of Paulini, he said: “Paulini and some of our existing players are not the same, he likes to insert into the restricted area, his first game of the first game performed well, at first he was a little bit Messy, but he gradually into the game, he is very powerful, his goal to help us a lot, I hope he can continue to help us.

About D’Orlo Feyau: “He and Biedar are winger players, will help us in the next year. Dennis – Suarez’s goal to give him confidence, if the goal of Deu Luo Fei Wu must also Will give his own confidence. ”

For Semipalo: “Semipalo is a combination of strength and speed of the players, helped us a lot of all players need a suitable process, expect him to continue to help this to the team.

“I think he will be fine after the rest of the day,” he said, “he said,” he ‘s in good condition and I just want him to take a break.

“Every team has its own style, and there is no doubt that Evar is very courageful, and when the opponent is playing open to a certain extent, the game will be the game,” said Barvard, It was tough, but it also gave us the space to attack.
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