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running back, running back

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Recently friends have to correct me, running back (referred to as RB) should be translated as “running back” rather than “running back”.
If you literally translate in English, that is running back. The The But according to the Chinese meaning, “Wei” is the meaning of defense, running back dry live is the defense?
The RBs in the modern NFL teams are roughly three: 1. Individuals are flying on the ground; 2. Run before passing the attack (like a WR); 3. Pass pass (passing) for the side QB block ( block the other side of the defensive team, or for the other side of the ball offensive team members (such as WR, TE, etc.) open.
Three of the three main tasks, only the first three “Wei” role, the other two (more important task) are “front”.
The most important: RB is in the offensive group (offense) (Click to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
to participate in the array, so his role and purpose is “spear” (front), rather than “shield” (Wei). So I think it should be the actual role of the location of the free translation of the “running back”, rather than literally literal “running back.”
Other offensive group OL line tackle is also translated as “cut front”, Guard translated as “guard front” rather than security, because its role is to participate in the attack.
The new season began only two weeks, the New Orleans saints have been brewing on the defensive group to change.
According to a number of informed sources, they have been in contact with other teams a few days ago last week, trying to peddle the first round of the show health guard Kenny – Waka Luo (Kenny Vaccaro).
As the backbone of the second line of defense of the saints, Vaccaro immediately after entering the team, and quickly became the backbone of the saint defense group. This season is the fifth year of his rookie contract, the salary reached $ 5.7 million.
On the one hand, it’s strange that the best player in the array is a young and unstable defensive group who is doing badly for a game. On the other hand, after the suspension of the two sides of the contract negotiations have no results, Vacca will become a free agent next year. His talent is no problem, but his performance is not always stable.
Substitutes Security Vonn Bell was selected by the saints in the second round of last year, and his playing time will increase.
Can the saints really trade in Caracas? Other teams of course will be interested in a first round show. In this transaction frequent time node, this is worthy of attention.
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