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Recycled Bag Fashion

Recycled Bag Fashion

When I saw my first English Retreads purse, I got excited. I’d seen accessories made from recycled rubber before, but they haven’t always pulled off not looking recycled. But the Retreads bag did it: a chic looking purse that’s totally eco and animal friendly.

The product line includes women’s handbags as well as men’s bags, laptop bags, wallets, belts, and key rings made from entirely vegan and recycled materials. Inner tubes collected from local truck stops are repurposed into a durable, leather like material that makes a fabulous looking bag, while the straps are made from recycled bike inner tubes.

Seeking to be a Triple Bottom Line company, English Retreads offsets its emissions from manufacturing and employee commutes, and the company’s founder and designer Heather English says, “Each new design begins with the idea of striving to keep more waste out of the landfill by creating fashionable, yet sturdy items out of recycled materials.”

I’ve been using the hybrid with recycled PET fabric and handles from bike inner tubes the last few weeks, and I’m hooked.

It’s the perfect size enough for everyday use, while large enough to accommodate my wants to carry everything around self. And it has three handy inner pockets with a zipper and two pouch like pockets. (I love pockets.)

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