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Origin and Development of Fifa 15 RA Club

RA is FIFA13 is split out from a club, similar to the relationship between Inter and Milan, when the club out of the ball tyrants, and management is relatively disordered (but administrators were more easygoing, inaction), so Henry (Kira_Henry) and I have set up a new RA, and the first to join a threat, Sam, Massey and others, have come after Sisi, 833, Mullen, kong and other mainstay.

With more and more people to the RA, leading some people to play not on location, so we set up a new BAMBOO club, namely: large bamboo team, founded two clubs is to let everyone play on the ball, had there is no second team of fifa 15 coins the points a team, after bAMBOO establishment, operation mode actual case is, first to the people in the home team RA integration teams open play, and other people for a long night for people to bamboo team, while individual people according to the person familiar with the situation, to be individually adjusted. Both teams have a similar organization when people fight, it is said, BAMBOO record still dominant, but there is no statistical proof.

RA scores FIFA13 period has been unstable, the record is not very satisfactory, the highest level barely to D2, also participated in two Ranger Ranger Cup and the league once or twice Ranger Cup record miserable bear bet. Ranger League scores still ranked at 18 in the top four teams. There are many reasons for the poor performance. One tactic is not fixed. Second, the staff is not fixed. The third is the difference between luck and play contest. Because many people, so frequent rotation position, play hard to break-forming, tactical discipline requirements are not very stringent.

FIFA14 period, RA registered by the Arsenal team name, while out of 13 during the lesson summary, intended to compress the size of the club. Go fixed lineup, elite niche route, but soon proved to be a failure because the failure of the revolution, during the exodus of individual players 13 RA has established a new club, but soon went bankrupt. Return to the original track RA began recruiting, Mayday, big empty wing, and equality of people to join, and active. With another expansion of RA, and began to build a similar BAMBOO satellite team –Arsenal RP, meaning Arsenal earn RP team, basically back to the 13 clubs during the two old. Return to the old road of RA due to the force of old players and new players fresh blood to join, made a good record, even unprecedented two wins D1 title. But what happened after the next big event led. . .

Saying RA and RP two clubs mode, it must be someone resident managers, and others add it as a friend, it is easy maneuvers back and forth between the two teams. But with the changing RP club manager (former manager to change the team, the manager handed over to other people not online), RP manager online for long periods of thing happened. Meanwhile, individuals out of RA individuals pursuing their own style and tactics of some kind, in my initiative to re-establish the WX (in lieu of that) Club, the original intention was to reconcile some of the contradictions within the team, the diversion officer, training run-pass control play. I also invited 13 times away from home for the elderly H and C together responsible for the team, and some people also went to the RA WX, plus WX recruits, re-integration of the team. WX coach original plan was responsible for screening and run-in tactics, people who do not meet the tactical arrangements to RA, but the subsequent development of completely exact opposite. WX re-establish a new group of people excluded RA plus group, not a long time to run – good reason to refuse the exchange of players between the speeches mother shielded RA group, did not speak during the evening club activities, WX recruits do not know RA, when RA attendance who came not to support separatist tendencies increasingly heavy, some managers are due to WX RA elderly tolerate this phenomenon for a long time, but do not want to integrate into WX RA, ultimately only broke.

The Personnel big shock to me is tantamount to being earth shattering, because some people WX is 13 times along the way brother, individual 14 minutes to go after new entrants WX RA also have Brief Encounter, but go to the point where only a knife to avoid long pain buy fifa 15 coins. Maybe later meet again at any time, perhaps one hundred thousand turn back, want and the past, such as Flamini, return to the initial, RA is always open for you. But now, when the RA needs you, but you chose elsewhere. Only this one, that is, the gap between you and me.
After splitting with WX thoroughly declared, RA ready open a new chapter

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