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on the inner ring fifa 18 coins of all

on the inner ring of all 35 plates transaction statistics, less than 70 fifa 18 coins meters accounted for 58.09%, including Pudong, Yangpu, Xuhui, inner ring, plate, the school district housing fifa 18 coins accounted for large-sized apartment four or five square meters. The inner 90-140 accounted for 21.55% of turnover, an increase of 23.57% in the end ring, improving fifa 18 coins Was released. In addition, large-sized apartment turnover has slowed, 140-200 square meters, 200 square meters of turnover accounted for only 8.42%, 2.59%, a fifa 18 coins of 25.98%, 28.21%. is difficult to suspend the purchase replacement, at the same time increase; some high-end hand to improve passenger diversion mut coins market.2017 in fifa 18 coins, new city, suburban the price of the overall decline of 0.27%, down 0.02 percentage points last month reduced. Suburban prices overall fell 0.17%, down 0.03 percentage fifa 18 coins last month reduced. Jiading, Qingpu, Pudong, Songjiang, Baoshan, inner ring, fell 0.30%, 0.29%, 0.28%, 0.27%, 0.26%; nba coins, Minhang slightly less, fell 0.23%, rose 0.21%. fifa 18 coins city in sectors such as Chongming, Qingpu Zhujiajue, Fengxian Fengcheng, were up 0.17%, 0.12%, 0.08%. suburban city of more than 6890 sets of transactions, a decline of 0.29%, fifa 18 coins smallest decline. Baoshan,

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