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not a dedicated follower of fashion trends

not a dedicated follower of fashion trends

I see people wearing the most unusual looking clothes, and when I ask them why they like them, they don’t even know. All they know is that their clothes are in fashion, so they must look cool.

Maybe girls are supposed to always be in fashion and be happy to look like everyone else. But I think I will be my own person and wear what I want, when I want.

I went to London a little while back and one of the things I loved so much was, no matter what you wear there, nobody judges you. Everybody dresses differently.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion and I always want to look my best, but my idea of looking my best can be very different to other people and to be honest, I couldn’t care less.

My opinion of what I’m wearing is the only opinion I care about.

People can be so cruel when it comes to other people’s fashion sense.

If other people are happy with what they are wearing, then be quiet and leave them be.

I just don’t understand why teen agers have to be so judgemental.

I was just reading an article on man bags, it was all about whether men should or shouldn’t wear them, but really, if men want to have a bag, let them have one.

Your clothes say a lot about you, so if you’re only going to follow fashion, the only thing your clothes will say about you is, “I have no sense of style and I only wear what some self styled ‘expert’ is telling me to wear.”

That is certainly not what I want my clothes to say about me. I’m not putting down people who follow fashion because who am I to judge what other people want to wear? I just know that letting someone else choose for me isn’t what I’m into.


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