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No matter who is elected after the election

“The DPP is not equal to Taiwan, the KMT does not mean ‘Republic of China’.” In this regard, the 19th KMT Chairman Chu when interviewed by the media, said Tsai Ing-wen to say “This is sophistry of words,” she said, “Chu is not equal to the KMT, the DPP Tsai Ing-wen is not equal.”

According to Taiwan media reports: 18, said KMT Chairman Chu, the DPP has the “Taiwan independence party platform,” Tsai Ing-wen is “two-state theory” maker, if the DPP after the 2016 elections “completely ruling,” he is very worried. ” Republic of China “still exists or not? “Republic of China” might exterminate.

DPP candidate Tsai Ing-wen on the 18th set up campaign headquarters in Taiwan,eso gold her speech pointed out that the DPP is not equal to Taiwan, the KMT is not equal to “Republic of China.”

Mention rival Chu, Tsai Ing-wen said, “Double Ten celebrations” this day she sat together with Chu, she told Zhu said, “No matter who is elected after the election, hoping to find time to sit down and talk about the direction of Taiwan.”

Tsai Ing-wen to talk about “Zhu under the column”: Whether you want to change for no one party

According to Singapore David Keys reports: the 17th KMT held a provisional whole generations will determine replaced by KMT Chairman Chu Taiwan leader election 2016 election. DPP candidate Tsai Ing-wen expressed afternoon,DAOC Plat for no one incumbent, regardless of the ruling party.

Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that, in the face of the Kuomintang held a provisional plenary session “Hung on the Lower Juba”, a “British” battles of the newly elected Board,Darkscape Tsai Ing-wen in the new North today even four games to catch rallies, deliberately attracted solid votes association.

Tsai Ing-wen on the 17th in the morning when the media linking visit, Hung for the opponents on Lower Juba and the Legislative Yuan Wang Jin may not partition on a column and other issues, said that since the election to grasp all the variables and make preparation, according to the established rhythm election, at every step, “We will be very careful to fight this battle, but we are confident.”

As deputy candidates concerned, she said, although his deputy has not been released, but basically will listen carefully to the views of voters. She said that if there is a public deputy candidates in the body, “do not expect him to take the post election.”

KMT afternoon plenary session was held by the Provisional repeal nominated candidates Hung Shiu-chu, Chu put replaced by party chairman election, Tsai Ing-wen came last rallies around 5:00 pm, with Blade and Soul joint campaign headquarters set up the General Assembly stressed that certain Victory.

She said that the ruling party is busy afternoon in one thing, that is, 90 days before the election to change candidates, in fact, the vast majority of Taiwan people in mind already made a decision, no matter who the ruling party to change the election, the people have decided to change the ruling party.

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