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Nanning City Public fifa 18 coins Security Bureau

Nanning City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police fifa 18 coins Police Brigade eight Huang Zhijian in Science Park interchange on duty, from Sau Ling road direction of fifa 18 coins an electric car caught his attention. Duty Auxiliary Police Huang Zhijian found that in addition to the electric car driver, is also equipped with fifa coins Alloy framework with fifa 18 coins than two meters long. The frame head pushes the electric pedal by the driver, a head and shoulders, so all the way across the sky “is coming. The auxiliary Huang Zhijian seeing fifa 18 coins, immediately stepped forward to be stopped for inspection.” master, you are such a high carrying cargo, hut coins not what is fixed that is too dangerous, in case of a sharp turn, fifa 18 coins balance down, easy to scratch to nearby vehicles and people. “The auxiliary Huang Zhijian pointed out the traffic violations and traffic safety hazards to the car driver, and fifa 18 coins them to unload cargo material to accept .

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