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Memorial Tattoo

Memorial Tattoo

Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Infant Loss Support

A place for all bereaved parents to share their stories. We are here to offer compassionate support though out your journey to healing after any loss of a pregnancy, stillbirth or Infant death. We like to think this is a good place to start to heal. WE prefer to Focus on WHAT was lost, not HOW it was lost. He was born sleeping but had been diagnosed with non functioning kidneys so was not expected to live after birth. He was perfect and beautiful in everyway.

I wanted to know if anyone had done this and if so design that they chose and where they had it put on their body. This was my first baby and will be my first and only tattoo so I want to make sure its perfect 🙂 I have decided to get my son’s actual footprints along with his name and possibly his date of birth/death on my foot. I chose my foot because I wanted to have his feet against mine to show the differerence in size. I always liked tattoos on peoples wrists but I’m going to school to be a Physical Therapist so I didn’t think it was appropriate to get one there. I hope this helps and good luck with your design. ^i^ Fly Baby Fly ^i^

I have been planning mine. We lost our Angel Skylar at 9 1/2 weeks after an ultrasound showed no HB. My DD bought me a necklace to a rememberance of Skylar. So I want to get it on my Left ankle the side have a uterus) carried it in the left horn. (I had a temporary tat the month we concieved on that side too) But I want to color it in. the top of the wing will get it filled in with green (for the month we lost our angel) the bottom would be blue (for March when I was due. the middle were they meet would be a mix of the 2 colors. then Skylar name.

I would also like to do it with DD name but on the right ankle where I carried her (she is now 17) She was due Dec 30, but came Nov 28, 1992 so I would do her colors like that too.

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