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Manchester United Greater Worry: Can The Tiger Restore State After The Injury ?

Sina sports dispatch micro-blog Manchester United to sign Columbia center Falco, questions about the ages of the latter once again surfaced, but the Reds said, although once heard similar rumors, but the document to prove that Falco is actually 28 years old, rather than rumors of a 30 years old. You may want to fifa 15 coins ,and now you can buy fifa 15 coins at our online store with the lowest price .Manchester United in the summer from Monaco on loan to Farr, and media disclosure the Reds may also sign the priority of Columbia in loan expires, the total cost up to 52million pounds.

“We knew these rumors, but this is never a problem.” Manchester United said. According to the “Daily Post” disclosure, Manchester United before the transfer deadline day signing Falcao, who confirmed his age, in the process of transfer, Falcao passport date of birth is February 10, 1986, when applying for work permits, are also using this birthday. While Manchester United also find Falco Broker’s Firm confirmed their age, get the buy fifa 15 coins guarantee is, Falco did not turn over age 28 years old, is the true age.

However, Columbia local had different versions. In 2012, Falco had at the primary school revealed some files, showing how Falco was born in 1984, this once triggered a Falco family of discontent and counter. Falco and the occupation football debut was staged in Columbia Serie B team Lan Sai Ross, at the time of his registration is only 13 years of age, in this age is very rare in adult occupation League, this number also suspect the authenticity of his report to the age. Manchester United knowingly Falcao change age rumors still more afraid of what the Reds signed him.

This weekend, Falco changed the age related rumors surfaced again, and refers to the Manchester United desperately trying everything, not carefully investigated the problem of age, Falco this, United spokesman responded .At present is urgently needed for the Manchester United players, he is 28 years old or 30 years old is not important, the Reds’ main concern is, in the knee operation and a long rest, can Columbia center state recover. In Columbia 0 than 1 lose to the Brazil pre-season appearances, Falcao played 13 minutes, he said after the game: “physically, I feel very good, once I entered the state tournament, I believe I will show, he still is the top level.

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