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Luxury! Finals MVP Howard off the bench Warriors hope to replicate array 67 wins

Warriors coach Cole revealed NBA MT Poins that 2015 Finals MVP, Iguodala will continue to play a sixth man role in the new season, the Warriors in the regular season ho to take 67 wins, no need to adjust the starting lineup.


Let the new Division Finals MVP off the bench? Warrior is such a luxury, coach Cole represents Iguodala role in the new season is still a sixth man, in some special cases, will consider Iguodala starting. “Team role is not static, 2K16 MT Poins but we won 67 games last season, so I do not think it is necessary to change the starting lineup,” Cole said, “We have been successful in the last season, why should adjust starting it?”


Finals last season, cruised to the first three games, a total score of 1-2 behind warrior knight. Cole Adventure Bianzhao Iguodala will put the first episode, the ultimate use of a small lineup full speed. In the finals the first three games, Iguodala is averaging 20.3 points and 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals, helping the Buy MT Coins Warriors next three games to win a championship, Andre Iguodala named the finals MVP.


Andre Iguodala performance in the finals is undoubtedly very good, but let him starting Cole in adverse conditions laid down in the risky move, is a special case of special treatment, it does not represent Iguodala starting to become routine military forces warrior way . Andre Iguodala during media day interview that he beat sixth man handy, Kohl views on Andre Iguodala quite agree. “I think Andre is very familiar with the arrangements of the coaching staff, well adapted to our style of play, he was the Finals MVP, we won the championship,” Cole said.


If nothing else, the Warriors starting lineup will be the new season Curry, Klein – Thompson, Harrison – Barnes, Bradley Richmond – Green and Andrew Bogut composition, Andre Iguodala led the bench. Lineups have the NBA 2K16 Points regular season MVP, the lineup has Finals MVP, the Warriors staffing quite cattle.

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