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Luton Fashion Week

Luton Fashion Week

With catwalks set up across the capital, London Fashion Week is in full swing. But do any of the catwalk creations actually filter down to the High Street? The Magazine heads to Luton to find out.

The biggest names of the fashion world are in the capital for what has been hyped as the most star studded London Fashion Week yet.

But does what appears on the catwalk actually filter down to the shops frequented by us mere mortals? The Magazine has selected key trends from the last London Fashion Week to see if any have hit the High Street as predicted. Step forward Luton Fashion Week, with models hot from the Bedfordshire town, out and about on their lunch breaks.

“My wife used to be a fashion illustrator so I am aware of London Fashion Week. In fact I think I went to one of its catwalk show the other year. No sorry, it was a Croydon Technical College show. It was very good though.

“I do look out for the men’s designers, like Ozwald Boateng. But when it comes to my own style it depends what my wife buys me.

“But I did put thought into this bag. I chose it after trying out several different styles. This was the best and I have stuck with it for years. It’s practical and I think that’s the key with a man bag.”

“I do follow fashion to a degree and know London Fashion Week is on, but it doesn’t influence me. I have my own style and just go into shops and see what I like.

“I think some of the trends do filter down from the catwalk to the High Street, but just a few.

“I think most people have their own style and adapt it a bit to the latest trends but aren’t fashion victims.”

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Good to see that the BBC can produce a good tongue in cheek article still. The “Man Bags” was especially good; I’m still laughing now.

D I, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (ex UK)

Skinny jeans? I thought we’d waved goodbye to that one for good, once people realised that no one looks good in them. What’s next? Leggings?

Sarah, Epsom, UK

People often confuse fashion with clothing style; fashion is based around cycles of trends, style is based more around one’s sense of what looks good and suits the wearer. Increasingly I’m noticing that fashion is more and more intertwined with people’s social scene ie followers of a particular music scene will most likely follow a distinct look, and I think this is due to the way that brands increasingly advertise products as part of a certain lifestyle.

Karl Chads, London, UK

As a Green Party activist, I would say that in the end fashion is all about generating waste. The more you try to follow fashion, the more likely you are to buy things that look very dated, very quickly. People can be comfortable and look good without following fashions, and walking or cycling instead of sitting in a car can do more to make you look good than clothes ever can.

Ben Foley, Bedford, Great Britain

I agree with Ben, but it’s OK to like fashion and you can make your own clothes and recycle by sharing clothes, buying second hand, and buying some quality items that will last. People can make choices about fair trade items, hand crafted, organic or locally made clothes too. The best thing about this latest fashion is that the loose tops look graceful, hide flab and let your skin breath and above all you don’t have to show your underwear every time you bend down to pick up something.

Asra Fareed, London

I think Brits are more conscious about popular fashion than anywhere else in the world. This is not necessarily a good thing as you tend to see herds of clones on British city streets in their skinny jeans/wide belts/ballet pumps/ra ra skirts/Balenciaga imitation handbags.

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