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Lianyungang City fifa 2018 coins Commission for discipline

Lianyungang City Commission for discipline inspection group sent out of the fifa 2018 coins Scenic Area Vehicles more than 5500 vehicles to carry out the inspection, did not find the fifa 2018 coins bus. The Mid Autumn Festival, National Day period, the Lianyungang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection sent 4 inspection teams to bus storage, bus use etc. to fifa 2018 coins out inspection, we found that illegal use of official vehicles and other issues clues.10 3 day 15:29, Lianyungang city official car monitor screen display management fifa 2018 coins the city, a total of 3 buses are used by scheduling, monitoring platform for real-time monitoring, no illegal change route is found. cheap ultimate team coins them, the official car driving in the fifa 2018 coins G03822 zone, Donghai County Xiang Industrial with hump, staff input license plate number in the system, you can see the car during the festival of Donghai County fifa 2018 coins Supervision Bureau to the township to carry out security checks. “We give the vehicle hut coins buy positioning device can not only real-time upload operation information, but fifa 2018 coins record the history,

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