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Lettering Tattoo Pictures and Designs

Lettering Tattoo Pictures and Designs

Lettering TattoosLettering tattoos can be wide and varied. There are so many different fonts and written languages that you can choose from. Depending on different variables, you may want to choose one font over another, but it’s all up to who what you choose.

Word tattoos can be symbolic of you as a person, tell the names of your children, loving and inspirational phrases, or just about anything you can imagine.

Gothic Swirl Block CursiveGraffitiYou can check out fonts on Microsoft word or various websites to determine which font style you like the best. Sometimes you tattoo artist will be able to recommend his favorites or what he thinks will look best for the tattoo.

You will also find common lettering tattoos in various languages other than just plain English. It’s not uncommon to see lettering tattoos in Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, or Roman.

Problems with Lettering TattoosWith any tattoo, you may experience problems in the workmanship or design. With lettering tattoos, you have to be careful about the font, making it readible, clear, and crisp.

And, because all tattoos fade over time and the ink tends to migrate under the skin, you’ll want to make sure that the letters and line are evenly spaced apart so to accompany future fading and ink migration.

In terms of fading, watch light colors. In the long run, they tend to fade into blurs unless you keep getting it retouched over time.

Small words and phrases in terms of the size, can also create a problem long term. The larger the tattoo, the more space and ability to create a clearly written piece. Now, that’s not saying that you have to have a tattoo that covers your entire arm.

Also, in terms of other languages, make sure to have the words, phrases, or script checked by a fluent speaker of the language. You’d hate to have to walk around with something silly, derrogatory, or stupid on your body forever.

Lettering as a Tattoo Compliment

Lettering tattoos are often used as a compliment to an already existing tattoo or a future tattoo. In this case, make sure that that you have the words, font, size, language, and everything else 100% decided upon before getting it tattooed in or around another tattoo.

You’ll want to make sure that the lettering suits the tattoo. IE bold, dark letters work well with tribal tattoos but not necessarily with a flower and butterfly, whereas a thinly tattooed swirly word will appear a better complement to the flower and butterfly than with the tribal.

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