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League of Legends S4 Qualifying Preview

At the end of a tense and lengthy LPL summer season, the top five teams were entered S4 qualifying final battle, in the case of S4 EDG team has successfully got tickets, OMG, IG, royal, LGD this will be the final four teams in the League of Legends Competition third anniversary on the terms for these four teams after every game will be related to their survival. What’s different is the case in other parts of the world have identified the team played S4, S4 participating team in China is the last piece of elo boosting the puzzle, so pay attention to these teams than there are us, those teams who are more overseas.

S4 is head into the World Finals glory for the country, or with regret leaving the stadium? Only three places in China, there are two teams will face the fact that failure, then who can have the last laugh yet set foot on the road to the championship? Third anniversary of the battle will tell you the final answer!

“Not the same as the World Finals.”

Before the previous World Finals, foreign aid has never been the case S4 travel with the team, and this year at home and abroad are beginning to examine the major clan current environment a. Domestic WE, IG, the royal family from the beginning of the season beginning constant substitutions to consolidate their position in teams, while North American TSM, CLG and other famous teams also introduced a large number of foreign aid, it is interesting that the world’s eyes are on the team South Korea.

S3 World Finals on behalf of the Chinese team lost to the royal family played in the final powerful SKT T1, eventually won the runner-up, which is China’s best result in the S series of events, and the royal clan in place in the country also unprecedented increased. But because of this, so many royal spring race fans heartbroken, former world runner-up, has become a popular LPL Spring Race relegation team, has also been the core players UZI, are forced to choose a single hit.

After the end of the spring season, UZI made a micro-Bo, probably meaning “summer season you will see a new royal.” Just when the players change speculation royal summer season, threw out the domestic team in the history of the royal family LOL first blockbuster, “the world’s first blind monk, former KTB playing field InSec and auxiliary Zero join the royal family.” Royal bold changes to make the domestic professional team produced a huge change. The “Korean foreign aid” There is no doubt that the words become keywords finals this year.

“New and old players alternately”

WE play this year is still not stable enough, so they once again fell to the outside of the door to the finals, but for WE the fans, even more cause for regret than last year, because the domestic two most popular professional athletes, smile and strawberries in the microblogging announced recently by retired.

No feast of the feast, the replacement of old is the case in any industry would appear, however, that in the normal, but nevertheless, I believe that many players and small series, the first time that when you smile strawberry retired, can not help but sigh breath. Because these two retired almost marked the first generation of professional players decline, smile and strawberry fought for three years, but in an imperfect ending chose to retire.

Before the players had predicted, there will be a lot of players retiring this year, for now, at home and abroad veteran players have left the battlefield, after the game look like it? Everyone can not give a correct answer, but we send blessings for seniors, while more is taken into account in front of the couple, they are the Chinese League of Legends successor.

“Dynastic change of exercise destiny”

OGN bubbling in the recent tournament, S3 World Finals champion SKT T1 K in the final 1: 3 loss to Samsung White, missed S4 World Finals. The legendary “championship curse” once again take effect. ”

SKT period in S3 is almost invincible, last year’s finals, the royal family all the way through heroics, the domestic players unprecedented high emotions, but in this case, the royal family is still not able to turn this insurmountable SKT mountains to almost crash situation quickly SKT 3: 0 swept out. In addition to domestic players was regrettable, more admiration for SKT, people have started to speculate, S4 of SKT’s no solution how, how rampant worldwide.

But only on the OGN Spring Race, state SKT on to a 180-degree flip, although in the subsequent Paris All-Star Game, SKT still swept all the teams around the world, to clinch the championship trophy, but after returning home game, they play still staggering gw2 gold. SKT is perhaps no longer have the courage up, or is the other team in Korea to grow too fast, but in any case, which gave the team the rest of the world sounded the alarm.

“Kanghan road continues.”

Although it sounds a bit cruel, but all the teams around the world are now regarded Korea as their biggest competitor now! Especially in China, we can easily beat teams North America and Europe, but each encounter South Korea, but a record slumped.

Although S3 royal history got the best lol elo boosting, but admittedly, Kanghan goal is still not complete. For most professional players, it may also be their biggest dreams come true. Home team is not weak, domestic players are also first class, but because too many times down on the last finals, Kanghan has become a priority.

Whether behalf of the Chinese expedition team S4 is which three, I hope to be able to give players time and their most sincere encouragement and applause, because they are now carrying too many people dream of, is making history again or defeat, is about to begin finals will tell us the answer!

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