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Is Scabbing Normal On My New Tattoo

Is Scabbing Normal On My New Tattoo

Getting a new tattoo can be a very costly purchase, plus the personal investment of your skin and time, you naturally want it to turn out amazing.

Part of the entire tattoo process also includes your new tattoo healing. This can take up to 4 6 weeks in total for a new tattoo to fully heal.

One of the normal stages of healing is when your new tattoo begins lightly scabbing or developing a thin layer over the wound. This is usually accompanied by severe itching of the tattoo area while it repairs itself.

What is not normal is when these scabs evolves from slight flaking to colossal scabbing. Whatever sized scabs you have forming on your tattoo, they are part of the healing process and often a reflection of the tattooing you’ve recently had inked.

Heavy, substantial scabbing is not normal. It can occur when:

Proper after care procedures were not adhered to in the first stages of healing.

If you’ve developing or are experiencing an infection within your new tattoo.

Your Tattoo Artist was too heavy handed and/or repeatedly passed over a particular area of the tattoo, excessively damaging the skin.

Unfortunately, improper aftercare of your new tattoo and it’s scabs,can have a considerable impact on the end result of your tattoo.

Is Scabbing Normal?When a wound is healing, as in your new tattoo, it will go through various stages of healing. One of these stages is the drying and sealing of the wound.

Within 1 3 hours of you leaving the tattoo studio, your freshly inked tattoo will secrete a yellowish, crystallised liquid called plasma, this fluid combined with the air begins the creation of scabs.

There is a direct link between sizable scabbing, particularly the type of scabs that are thick and layered in appearance and plasma.

So essentially the dry, crusty, mass growing on your new tattoo is dry coagulations of blood or plasma, with some ink mixing with the air you breath.

When a tattoo is showing symptoms of being infected, for example a rubbery like ooze developing or pooling within the scab this is when you must go to the Doctor as your tattoo requires medical intervention.

How Can I Avoid Scabs Forming on My New TattooConsidering that some minor flaking of the skin is a natural and required part of the healing process of a tattoo, air drying of the skin is vital. Scabs need to dry, crumble and fall off your mending tattoo naturally.

A reputable Tattoo Artist would have wrapped your tattoo in either cling film or cheese cloth immediately after completing the tattoo. This is done to:

Protect the tattoo.

Protect your clothing.

Stop dust or micro bodies from entering the fresh tattoo wound.

Limit the air reaching the new tattoo

Keeping in mind that air, combined with the plasma seeping from your new tattoo in the first few hours, is what contributes to bulbous scabs forming. Following correct aftercare for your tattoo is imperative.

Some of the actions you can take to minimise scabbing on your new tattoo:

Use an anti bacterial foam wash especially intended for tattoo aftercare, to remove the plasma before it begins to develop into scabbing. This is one of the most effective actions you can take to avoid scabs forming.

Book your tattoo sessions in smaller lots so as not to over work the skin causing damage to the tattoo.

Follow correct infection control while being tattooed and immediately afterward to avoid infections forming within the tattoo.

Once you have developed scabs on your tattoo, you are at a point where you can’t go back and avoid them forming. You can only look after them correctly, assist them with healing and not knock or scratch them off. How you now care for them can be the difference between a good tattoo and a tattoo where the ink has not taken or has faded in patches.

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How To Deal With the Scabs on Your New Tattoo?Often as human beings, we don’t learn the things we should have known, until we have to correct the problem. Scabs on tattoos is one of those things, if you had of known to wash the plasma off to avoid scabbing, you would have done.

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