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Irish Tattoos for Girls

Irish Tattoos for Girls

The country of Ireland has a rich culture and heritage. Many people are found to flaunt symbols belonging to the Irish on their bodies, in the form of tattoos. Irish and the Celtic designs in tattoos are closely related and we often find the two mixed in a single tattoo form.

Irish Tattoo Designs for Women

There are some classical Irish designs that typically belong to the Irish culture. Most of the Irish tattoo are based on these designs. The following are some of the most popular Irish tattoos for women and girls.

Irish Shamrock Tattoos

Among the different Irish tattoos for men and women, the Shamrock tattoos are commonly and popularly adorned. The Shamrock is the three leafed clover which is believed to be a symbol of luck. The clover or the Irish Shamrock tattoos can be made on any part of the body and are usually made in green color with distinct patterns. The Celtic knot designs are also embedded in the Irish Shamrock tattoos to make delicate designs.

Irish Leprechaun Tattoos

The Irish leprechaun tattoos have designs of a small man with a mean look or a mischievous grin. These cute Irish tattoos are usually worn by those who wish to have a funny yet meaningful tattoo. The Irish leprechaun tattoo also stands for luck and hence, is favored by many Irish tattoo lovers. The tattoo design usually comprises a man wearing green suit, or a red one, with a distinct expression. He is also drawn holding a glass of beer as according to the legend, these men used to raid beer bars. Leprechaun tattoos are cool Irish tattoo designs for girls.

Irish Claddagh Tattoos

The Claddagh tattoo is one of the most beautiful and meaningful Irish tattoos for girls. Usually this design is used in a ring form, however, you can convert it into a unique and symbolic tattoo design. The Claddagh is a symbol where a heart is held with two hands and crowned with a large crown. The Irish Claddagh tattoo stands for love and friendship.

Irish Harp Tattoos

Ireland and the harp are often found to go together hand in hand. The Irish harp tattoo also has an interesting history and legend associated with it. Those in favor of music, singing, poetry, etc. prefer having the Irish harp tattoos inscribed on their body. It stands for different symbolic meanings like the soul of music, mystery and beauty. Irish tattoos for women are smaller in size and usually made without making any changes in the original design and color of the instrument. The leprechaun with the harp is also one of the most popular designs for girls.

Apart from the above mentioned designs, one can also go for the Celtic knot, tribal tattoo and the Irish cross tattoos for girls. Most of the tattoos like Irish leprechaun tattoos and the harp tattoos are usually larger in size and hence, are made on the back or upper arms. If you wish to have a smaller and delicate design that can be placed on the wrist, back of the neck, etc., you can go for Shamrock tattoo design.

Lastly, one should note that it is essential to take one’s religion and job profile into consideration before going for a tattoo. A tattoo should only be made in a certified tattoo parlor by a professional tattoo artist. Good luck!

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