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Inspiring Short Quotes For Tattoos Part Two

Inspiring Short Quotes For Tattoos Part Two

I’m not going to lie, I like tattoos well most of them anyway, whether they are on men or women. The only time I think “what have you done?” is when I see people with a whole arm full of tattoos that you can quite clearly see they have no personal meaning to them. They will have sweetie pie, followed by stars, and then maybe a pigeon. I am a quote lover anyway, so when you quotes+tattoos it = heaven for me. Following on from part one of inspiring short quotes for tattoos, this hub will primrily be the part two. As with part one, I do like to add my contributions as well.

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Why Have A Quote As A Tattoo?That’s a very good question I think. Too many people these days just rush into things without fully thinking about the consequences. With tattoos, it is generally people getting their boyfriend or girlfriends name, or getting pointless shapes like stars inked, or the biggest blunder is having something written in another language and it not actually saying what you wanted it to say.

I suppose by having a quote as a tattoo, the person having it inked would at least have had to think about it in more depth. With any luck, the quote would be one that they use personally, or that they think of a lot. It could be one that makes them smile when they feel down, or one that motivates them to be better at something. In essence, it’s something that means something to the person with the tattoo. It may be obvious like the quote says, or it may be disguised for meaning something else.

“Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness”

Has it ever done anyone any good to hold grudges? People who hold grudges for a lifetime often end up forgiving people on their deathbed, is that any way to live? Grudges can make the heart sour and the mind tarnished with hate. It’s fine not to like everyone, and even get on with everybody, but let it go don’t strive to make their life difficult, or go out of your way to know their business. Happiness is one dimensional, there’s no time for grudges.

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.”

In today’s world so many people spend their lifetime searching for somebody to blame. It has to be another person’s fault, there can’t be a simple explanation like that’s the way life is or nobody is to blame. Somebody is always to blame. Why not flip it over, and rather than finding the elusive person you wish to roar at and blame for everything, why not find a remedy? Make yourself better, do something good, have a lighter heart.

Do you remember being a kid? I do, around the age of 10 and my folks and grandparents telling me that life is too short. I can vividly remember thinking “I’ve got years left yet, what are they talking about?” I now think I know what they were talking about. It is, I think, talking about our relatively short time on earth, on average no more than 100 years, and how we are just a tiny piece of history. But, I think it’s more to do with every day that passes, every stage of our life that we pass, is another day where we age and come closer to our calling.

“For every dark night, there is a brighter day.”

Dark nights are horrible, they close in on you, the feeling that you cannot breathe. The darker the night, the worse it becomes. For some reason, on our darkest nights, people seem to disappear, like we’ve been left to fight our way through it. Have no fear, because dark nights make us stronger and thicker skinned, and ultimately brighter days will follow.

“Believe you can, and you will.”

For all the qualifications and skills you sometimes hold, none of them will ever beat belief. If you believe in something, it will believe in you too. Even if your belief falters, it will never desert you, it’s always lingering around in the background, urging you on. If you truly believe something, that you can do something, belief will make sure you will.

“Let go what you can’t change.”

There are some things on this planet that are impossible to change, no matter how many prayers we say or how many tears we cry. Sometimes it’s fate, sometimes it’s just the way life goes. If you were dealt a bad hand at the casino, you can’t request a new hand can you? No. Instead you either fold, give up and say you’re not going to play, or you let it go, play the hand and then leave at the end of the game or carry on. Life is like this too, some of us are dealt a bad hand, we could sit and feel sorry for ourselves, or we can let it go and continue as best we can.

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nwsinglespeed 2 years ago from Oregon

One of my cycling buddies has this on her bicep: “Alis Volat Propiis”

The phrase alone reads beautifully, and as it turns out, is our state motto which translates to: “She Flies With Her Own Wings.” Pretty sweet, I think.


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